Why Do I Need To Keep My Gummies In The Cold?

Why Do I Need To Keep My Gummies In The Cold

Gummies, just like regular edibles, can expire after a specific period. The expiration date mentioned on the package labels of edibles shows how long they’re safe to use. However, these products can expire even days or weeks before the expiration date. Why? If you don’t store your gummies properly, then external conditions such as heat and humidity deteriorate the freshness of the product. This article explores factors that affect the shelf life of gummies. 

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How Long Does It Take For Gummies To Expire?


Gummies usually take around 3 to 6 months to expire after their production date. Although, this duration can stretch depending on the expiration date mentioned on package labels. After the expiration date, this edible loses its freshness and intensity of effects. 

The shelf life of hemp gummies is similar to that of ordinary gummies. The addition of hemp-derived cannabinoids and terpenes doesn’t create a significant difference in their expiration date. 

The demand for hemp gummies is higher when compared with other hemp edibles. The reason is that gummies contain preservatives that cause them to have a longer shelf life than other edibles. 

Does Heat Affect The Shelf Life Of Gummies?

Do you keep your pack of gummies in a warm corner of your home or on the kitchen shelf? There is a high chance that the gummies will get spoilt quickly as they’re exposed to heat. 

Terpenes and cannabinoids are sensitive to high temperatures and get damaged with exposure to heat. Thus, these essential compounds in gummies can deteriorate, which may cause a decrease in their efficacy. Moreover, warm temperatures enhance the deterioration rate of your gummies, which may make them expire faster. 

What Are The Other Factors That Affect The Shelf Life Of Gummies?

You must know the environmental forces that affect the freshness of hemp gummies. This knowledge will help you to take proper measures for storing them. 

  • Light

The chemical compounds in hemp are sensitive to light. If you keep your gummies under direct sunlight, the cannabinoids and terpenes can be damaged. 

  • Humidity

High humidity and warm temperatures are favorable conditions for the growth of mold. If you don’t store your gummies in an airtight container, mold can quickly grow on them. If you spot mold growth on your gummies, you must eliminate them immediately. 

  • Bacteria

Bacteria is the biggest enemy of all edibles. It usually thrives at moderate temperatures and doesn’t depend on humidity. All forms of food spoil due to the presence of bacteria. Therefore, if you leave your gummies exposed to air, they become a breeding ground for bacteria.  With the presence of bacteria, the gummies will spoil faster. 

  • Types Of Ingredients

The type of ingredients used in gummies affects how long gummies take to spoil. If the gummy contains a sufficient amount of botanical ingredients, then they may expire more rapidly.  

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Can Gummies Lose Potency Over Time?

Gummies retain their potency for as long as 6 months after their production date. After their expiration date, the potency of cannabinoids such as THC and CBD begins to decrease. Thus, if you use a CBD or THC gummy after they expire, you may experience a reduction in its effects.    

How To Preserve The Freshness Of Gummies?

A good practice for keeping your gummies fresh for longer is to store them in a cool, dark, and dry place. Environmental agents such as air and heat play a crucial role in degrading the quality of gummies. To protect your gummies from exposure to air, you should keep them in an airtight container or their original packing. To protect gummies from light and warmth, you should store your pack of gummies in a cupboard or the fridge. 

If you’ve bought hemp gummies in bulk, then you can store the extra gummies in the freezer for future use. This will allow you to preserve their freshness for longer. 

How To Buy High-Quality Gummies?

cbd gummies

Finding a reliable brand that sells premium quality gummies can be complex. However, following the tips below, you can make this search much more accessible.

  1. Read Customer Reviews

Customer reviews reveal vital information about a brand’s reputation. A reputable brand will receive positive customer feedback regarding its products and services. You’ll be able to notice this by the number of positive reviews posted by customers on social media platforms. 

You can also read review blogs regarding a dispensary’s products. Such blogs provide a detailed explanation of the pros and cons of hemp products. Hence, with proper research on customer reviews, it’ll be easier for you to identify a trustworthy brand. 

  1. Certificate Of Analysis

The certificate of analysis is a document showing the cannabinoid content and the presence of any harmful chemicals in a hemp product. It authenticates that a third-party lab tested a dispensary’s product. 

A reputable brand will be able to produce a COA for all of its products when asked.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How Long Do Delta 9 Gummies Take To Kick In?

When you consume Delta 9 gummies, they can take around an hour or two to kick in.

  1. Can CBD Gummies Make You Fail A Drug Test?

CBD gummies will not make you fail a drug test. However, if you’re using full-spectrum CBD gummies, frequent use may cause THC buildup in your body. As a result, you may fail a drug test if you use CBD gummies that contain THC. 

  1. How Long Do The Effects Of Delta 8 Gummies Last?

The intoxicating effects of Delta 8 take around 3 to 8 hours to wear off.

  1. What Is The Cost Of HHC Gummies?

The cost of HHC gummies ranges between $25.00 to $45.00 depending on the potency of HHC.

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Takeaway - You Must Keep Your Gummies In The Cold

Gummies contain cannabinoids and terpenes that are sensitive to light and heat. When gummies get exposed to light and heat, these biological components become damaged, which reduces their effectiveness and also causes them to degrade faster.

If you want to preserve the freshness of your gummies for longer, then it's advised to keep them in the cold.