Why Do People Hate Cannabis Culture?


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I came across many pages online of people claiming to hate cannabis culture. We are about to dive right in to figure out the reason why people hate it and what to do about it.

While the use of marijuana is becoming more acceptable, there are many who still judge those who use it to get high. There is usually a stigma against those who use it, but why? Does the cannabis community need to chill out or does the rest of the world need to be more accepting?

The internet is an interesting world where you can find whatever you can possibly imagine. While some may ask for parenting or cooking advice, others choose to rant about the things they cannot stand. This is especially true on Reddit, one of the top forum sites in the world.

While surfing Reddit, I found many forums where people were discussing their hatred for cannabis or “stoner” culture. These threads are filled with people who show extreme aggression against marijuana users and the stoner stereotype that they believe most users fall into. Most of these people say they are not against marijuana, just the culture.

One main post on Reddit, while eloquently put, is filled with heavy aggression and attacks those who are heavy into the cannabis culture. The original poster said, “The culture behind it is absolutely vile to me and I despise it more with every passing day. The pious, arrogant love that stoners have for that spiky green leaf is so extreme that it's baffling.”

The post gets more extreme as it goes on because the person is so against the traditional stoner that they feel “The whole thing is endlessly creepy, filthy, obnoxious and moronic.” This is not the only post that states these feelings yet none of the posts spoke about it in a respectful way or tried to accomplish anything besides attacking people.

Because of this, I wanted to understand what made so many people hate cannabis culture as much as they do. And so, I turned back to Reddit and asked a pretty loaded question.

Looking For Answers

While not everyone agrees with using marijuana, it is not fair for there to be such a hatred for those who use it. I wanted to understand more about why there is such a divide and if there is anything we can do to fix it.

The question I asked on Reddit was, “Many people seem to hate "marijuana culture" I want to write an article to find out why. Is anyone interested in speaking to me about why they are against marijuana or those who use it? I would love to hear your opinions ( in a respectful and constructive way).”

Over the course of only a few hours, I received many responses from people who had intense opinions. Most people agreed on a couple of reasons as to why people are so against marijuana users. They feel it has a lot to do with the prohibition era, religion, and the stoner stereotype.

One person said, “What people tend to be put off by is more accurately termed "stoner culture". The reason some people hate it is the same reason anyone who takes negative stereotypes and calls it a culture doesn't go over well. People don't like being shoved into a box, especially when they don't fit in it.”

This person also acknowledged that there are prejudices against weed just like anything else in the world.

They continued, “As to why there are still people who are still virulently anti-marijuana, the answer is simply that it's due to the same things that cause there to still be people who are still racist, misogynistic or otherwise prejudiced or bigoted (It's what they've been taught to believe by circumstance or people they trust) coupled with there being a people who get off on dictating how other people are allowed to live their lives.”

This is something that will forever frustrate every marijuana user on the planet. The fact that they have to state why they use it or that they don’t waste their life and are not lazy is ridiculous. This is not something that happens when you invite a friend over for a glass of wine, or even when taking shots out at a bar- so why does it happen with weed?

The stereotype of a stoner, in my opinion, is a technique used to extend the prohibition of marijuana. The typical stoner you see in films has no motivation and doesn’t care about anything besides their next joint. But that could not be farther from the case for thousands- if not millions of people.

Most marijuana users just want to use their medication or relax and have a great time. But thanks to traditional media such as movies, newspapers, and radio, people fear marijuana because of what they think it does. This is where new age thinking comes into play.

I asked for a healthy discussion and for the most part that is what I got. A great way to create change is to create conversations with those who are against marijuana in a healthy manner without confrontation.

To annihilate this ridiculous stigma attached to marijuana, the cannabis community needs to show the world that the stoner stereotype is nothing more than a stereotype. We need to rally together, share real educational facts about marijuana, and change the minds of others by proving them wrong. Being a stoner is not a bad thing and we need to start really showing that to the world.

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