Marijuana Subscription Boxes for Every Cannabis Enthusiast

marijuana subscription boxes
Every cannabis enthusiast has their favorite accessories they use when they consume marijuana. But what if you could get marijuana accessories sent to your door every month that are tailored to your specific taste? That is the beauty of marijuana subscription boxes. You can find a subscription bow that is perfect for your needs and sends you all of your favorites and some new discoveries every month for a great price. Here at Slyng, we like making sure you can find all of your marijuana needs in an easy and fun way. That is why we have scoured the internet to find the best of the best marijuana based subscription boxes based off of different interests each cannabis enthusiast might have. Whether you prefer CBD, edibles, or smoking weed we have found the marijuana subscription box you have been waiting for.

The CBD Lover Box

CBD is amazing in all of its forms to help you feel your best. I love using CBD for different reasons and it is fun to try new CBD products to see what works best. Many people feel the same way and having a purely CBD subscription box option is perfect. One of the best ones I found is done by Hemple Box. Hemple Box gives you the chance to really personalize your subscription by asking you to pick your favorite type of products from e-liquid, tinctures, edibles, concentrates, capsules, pens, and creams. After that, you are given the option of picking from four subscription boxes that range in the products you receive and the price range. You can try the Lite box for $49.99 to find out if you enjoy CBD products. There is a standard box for $99.99 that gives you more products that you know you already love.  And the last two are the premium for $149.99 and the deluxe for $249.99 to try an array of CBD products. This is the ultimate CBD lover’s chance to try many different products every month at a price point that works for you.

Smoker on a Budget

When you are a cannabis enthusiast on a budget, it can be difficult to keep your accessories stocked up without breaking the bank. That is why I really like Kush Crate. Kush Crate is a marijuana accessory supply company that helps you pick your needs at a really affordable price. While you can order from Kush Crate every month, you don’t have to! There is no subscription or monthly charges needed which means if you can't afford it one month, no worries. There are six different crates you can choose from that go up in price and focus on specific needs. But you can try this amazing deal for only $10 for the cheapest crate called the necessities. The bowl smokers crate and the paper rollers crate both cost $24.99. The top shelf crate costs $34.99, the bong crate costs $49.99, and the dabbers crate costs $74.99. All of these crates offer different things with high-quality products but at amazing prices.

Stoner's Dream Box

Do you consider yourself a stoner who knows marijuana like the back of your hand? This Me Time box is the box of your dreams. The Me Time box is designed with the major cannabis enthusiast in mind. Every item that is in here is high-quality products that stoners swear by to create the best smoking session possible. You have the option to do a one time purchase of the Me Time box for $55.00 or you can get it on a monthly basis for $45.00. Every month you get different amazing products that you will love and can't wait to tell your friends about.

The Baker's Box

Do you love making edibles all the time? Many people find it relaxing to make their own edibles and love knowing what is exactly in their finished product. That is made easy with the Marijuana Group subscription box. Every month you can receive a vegan and gluten-free marijuana edible recipe as well as all the ingredients besides the weed and every utensil needed for one great price. You start by filling out a questionnaire to figure out what recipes will work for you with questions relating to the amount of marijuana you consume and if you have any allergies. Once you finish the survey, you will be given four options for subscriptions to start enjoying the edible box. The more months you select, the more money you save per month. You can try one month for $20.99, three months for $19.99 a month, six months for $18.99 a month, and a year for $16.99 a month. This box is awesome if you or someone you know is really into baking and edibles!

His and Her Smoking Boxes

Are you looking for the perfect box to send to your best friend, family member, or significant other that is perfect for them? Look no further than Sensi Box. Sensi Box creates gender-tailored subscription boxes that are perfect for any cannabis enthusiast. You start by picking from the $35.00 option which gives you 7 products a month or the $20.00 option that gives you 5. You then choose if it's for your favorite smokin’ gal or your best bud to personalize the box. Then you pick which subscription you would like to do. You can pay month to month for $35.00, 3 month prepay for $99.00, 6 month prepay for $180.00, or 12 month prepay for $325.00. No matter which option you choose, you are sure to enjoy or give someone amazing cannabis products. All of these subscription boxes are filled with amazing products and one of them is perfect for you so go discover which one and enjoy being a cannabis enthusiast!