10 Dollar Cartridge D8 Vape Cart Reviews

10 Dollar Cartridge D8 Vape Carts

10 Dollar Cartridge (TENDC) has Delta 8 THC cartridges for a great price that hit hard with real terpenes. Check out our review of these 10 Dollar Cartridge D8 vape carts to see if they are the right vapes for you.

10 Dollar Cartridge Company Info

10 Dollar Cartridge (aka 10DC or TENDC) is a hemp company with a dedicated team and a simple mission: provide the highest quality vape cartridges available for the best price in the Delta 8 THC industry. They start with the highest quality hemp grown in Rogue Valley, Oregon. 

TENDC uses iKrusher Tux hardware for their cartridges to provide a consistent hit with their ceramic core. These Delta 8 cartridges are available in two different sizes: 0.5ml and 1.0ml. Both are very affordable and come in different strains.

Some strains use botanically-derived terpenes and some have cannabis-derived terpenes (CDT). TENDC currently offers fifteen different flavors in all. As part of their commitment to transparency, customers can view third-party lab results online.

For this review, I tried four of Ten Dollar Cartridge's D8 vape carts: Bubblegum Mochi, Pineapple Express, Blue Cheese (CDT), and Golden Papaya (CDT).

10 Dollar Cartridge D8 Vape Cart Packaging

10DC’s 1ml cartridges come in a small black box with an even smaller viewing window. With this, you can easily see the Delta 8 distillate that you paid roughly $10 for. All in all, each cartridge should last for an estimated 150 hits if you take five-second draws.

10 Dollar Cartridge Bubblegum Mochi Delta 8 Vape Review

I took five-second hits even though ten-second blinkers are sometimes fun for me. The hit was smooth and tasted like so many brands of bubblegum. The taste had a one-two of sweet and almost creamy high notes.

Mochi is food, after all, but has a unique texture that you can throw any kind of flavor onto. There is salty mochi, sweet mochi, and savory mochi, and it has the same texture no matter how it tastes. The texture, when it comes to a vape cartridge, is sometimes referred to as throat feel. 

The throat feel (texture) is what really stood out for me. Sign me up for mochi flavor whenever it’s available. TENDC’s Bubblegum Mochi vape cart is very delicious and it hits hard.

10DC Pineapple Express Delta 8 Vape Review

The Pineapple Express vape struck me with its sweet and tart flavor that lasted all the way through the exhale. Throughout the hit, I could taste and feel the distillate clouding in my mouth, which I embraced oh so willingly. A ten-second hit was almost too much for me to handle.

These botanically-derived terpenes really provide a focused taste as well as an accompanying entourage effect. This Delta 8 Pineapple Express left me feeling quite productive. It’s an intense, but happy high, and never forget that you are in the driver’s seat.

To me, the Pineapple Express is any cannabis product that provides a one-way ticket to the promised land. TENDC has a ten-dollar ticket for the Pineapple Express at station D8 - and it’s time to board.

TENDC D8 Vape Carts
TENDC D8 Vape Carts

10 Dollar Cartridge Blue Cheese (CDT) Delta 8 Vape Review

When it comes time to choose a dipping sauce, ranch always wins out over blue cheese. When it comes time to choose a strain though, blue cheese may just be my pick for every match-up.

10 Dollar Cartridge currently has two cartridges that use strain-specific terpenes derived from a cannabis plant, and Blue Cheese is my favorite one. The taste on these CDT D8 vape carts was one of the best that I’d ever had in terms of activating my stank-o-meter.

There’s a visceral reaction that occurs in the nose when dankness is near. Cheese is one of those families that has this terp combo down pat. The familiar stank gets in through your mouth and into your nose even if you don’t French inhale. The taste is sharp and, frankly, so is the high.

I eventually settled into a high that was even and honestly kind of mellow. I felt clear-headed throughout. This D8 cart provided what I would consider a pretty reasonable buzz. I rode that wave with what was probably a grade-A stupid-looking smile stuck on my face. This is cheesin’.

10 Dollar Cartridge Golden Papaya (CDT) Delta 8 Vape Review

The Golden Papaya is 10 Dollar Cartridge’s other CDT vape cartridge and the upgrade in taste is just as noticeable as in the Blue Cheese cartridge. It’s not that TENDC’s other carts aren’t as flavorful. It’s that their CDT carts are just that good.

Golden Papaya is sweet, tropical, and full, yet it has an unmistakable funk that is anything but lackluster. The throat feel from TENDC’s D8 THC distillate is smooth but the real star of the show is again the terpenes.

10DC’s Golden Papaya is a fun one to vape. There’s something about it that just hits different. The D8 high from this cartridge hit me immediately, just like the box said it would.

I sat on a couch for over an hour and my restless leg syndrome didn’t bother me at all. The high was enjoyable, but the lack of fidgeting was even better. Nothing like a good entourage effect to remind me why cannabis is beneficial to me in the first place.

10 Dollar Cartridge D8 Vape Cart Review Results

With 10 Dollar Cartridge’s products, I was able to stay as high as I wanted with the cartridge and any 510 threaded battery I had around. The fact that this is available under the US Farm Act of 2018 is a blessing to users around the country.

TENDC's cartridges are available in multiple sizes, strains, and even some varieties that contain cannabis-derived terpenes. What more are you looking for? Try them today.

Use code “TENDC” for an amazing 15% OFF your entire order from 10 Dollar Cartridge!