5 Best Cannabis-Infused Beverages for Your Holiday Party

martini glass in front of colorful lights

The holiday party season is fast approaching, and if you're thinking of skipping the booze and enjoying a sociable warm fuzzy high instead, here is your holiday guide for the 5 Best Cannabis-Infused Beverages for your holiday party.

1. Saka Wines

This cannabis-infused, alcohol removed wine comes from House of Saka, Napa Valley. Hand-selected grapes from vineyards across the Napa, Saka is the first luxury cannabis wine line of the region, the vineyard features two options:

  • Rose
  • Sparkling Brut Rose

Who doesn't love celebrating with champagne?! Both options showcase the Pinot-Noir grape blended with a proprietary formula of odorless, tasteless water-soluble double-hit of THC and CBD.

The flavor profile of these wines is just what one would expect from a high-quality Napa Rose: light, fresh, fruity, with just a hint of sweetness. If you only drink Moscato or Spumante Champagne, this is going to be dry for you and you may want to consider mixing it for a spritzer. 

The high takes effect in a quick ten minutes, and wine drinkers will appreciate a good hangover-free alternative to traditional wine. 

2. Ceria THC-Infused Beer

The creator of Blue Moon Belgian-style White Ale, Keith Villa, has retired from his career with MillerCoors and launched the cannabis company Ceria, Inc.

  • Grainwave

Villa’s first attempt at THC-infused non-alcoholic craft beer is inspired by Blue Moon. Each bottle contains “precise 5 mg doses of fast-acting THC with a similar onset time as alcohol,” according to one press release.

Other brews are in the works, including a light lager as well as an IPA. Similar to craft beer varieties, the IPA will be the heavy-hitter.

3. Legal Sodas

These Cannabis-infused beverages come from Mirth Provisions, featuring locally-sourced natural flavors as well as local cannabis extract out of the Pacific Northwest. They can be purchased in THC doses of 20 mg, 40 mg, or 80 mg, though the espresso mocha flavor only comes in 20 mg, so as not to get their drinkers too hopped up. The upside to these is, if you're trying to partake on the down-low, the bottles look like booze. 

Legal offers five flavors, each with the different effects of various strains to suit whatever type of high you may be after. Choose from a straight sativa, a sativa enhanced with caffeine, an indica, a hybrid, and a CBD + THC option.

  •  Sparkling Rainier Cherry with Hybrid Cannabis Extract: Featuring fresh Washington Cherries, this hybrid is the perfect feel-good beverage for celebrating life with music festivals or festive holiday house parties.
  • Sparkling Lemon Ginger with Indica Cannabis Extract: The couch-lock here is real. Unless you plan to sink into the coziest seat at the party and stay there, this soda would be better paired with lounging on the beach or park, meditation, or catching a movie on the sofa at home. 
  • Espresso Mocha with Sativa Cannabis Extract: Full bodied espresso lends the perfect pick me up, while sativa provides a cerebral high. Pour over a glass of ice and add a splash of cream to wake and bake your way through writing, painting, studying, or hiking. Good for a holiday party if you are trying to remain focused on networking or are the organizer of the party. 
  •  Sparkling Pomegranate with Sativa Cannabis Extract: Real pomegranate juice paired with a heady sativa experience suits anything creative or physical, from creating or reading to hiking, jogging, or backyard entertaining. This is a good pick for a holiday party.
  • Sparkling Cranberry with CBD + THC: This Peace Tonic features Long Beach peninsula cranberries with the added wellness it of CBD, so you can have your euphoric buzz with clear-headed relaxation. Sure to enhance just about any experience, it would not only give you the perfect 'holiday glow,' but poured over ice, looks like a vodka cranberry. 

4. California Dreamin' Low Dose Cannabis Soda

Containing only fruit juice, cannabis, and carbonation, these sodas will get you lightly buzzed without ruining your health plan. One benefit to these beverages is drinkers will begin to feel the effects within 20 minutes, about half the time of most edibles. These sodas boast an inconspicuous label and brown glass 'beer-bottle' look. With so many small craft brews on the market, no one will probably even ask. 

If you're looking to keep a low profile and maintain an air of sobriety, this could be your go-to. They come in four flavors:

  • Cranberry Apple
  • Pomegranate
  • Tangerine
  • Grapefruit

5. Keef Beverages

Keef offers a variety of drinks to suit different needs, from the sugar rush to the health conscious.

  •  Keef ColasThese are marketed to the traditional soda drinker. Each flavor comes in THC dosages of either 10 mg or 100 mg. Choose from Original Keef Cola, Bubba Kush Root Beer, Purple Passion, Orange Kush, Keef Cherry, or Blue Razz.
  • Keef SparklingFor our sugar-free friends, Keef offers a sugar-free, zero-calorie option, available in Blood Orange or Lemon. These are refreshing, with no detectable cannabis flavor or aroma, and don’t leave that syrupy film on your teeth.
  • High Octane LineFor the Mountain Dew-loving stoners out there, this beverage was inspired by that citrusy sweet beverage, and includes the caffeine bonus. These guys have made an Energy shot, High Octane Boost, containing 80 mg of THC, as well as an energy drink, High Octane Soda, available with 10mg or 100 mg of THC.
  • Keef LifePacking less than 50 calories per bottle, and just 5 calories per serving, this is a great option for the health-conscious toker. The label recommends adding a 10 mg dosing capful of the drink into your favorite beverage for a slight high. 

Each flavor of Keef life boasts an individual phenome infusion. Cranberry Lime infused with sativa is your daytime wake and bake elixir, perfect for the doing of all things. Great for your end-of-day winding down time, this indica-ridden Blueberry Lemon flavored beverage is best paired with some good old-fashioned couch surfing.

Be Safe

After reading this article, you should have a few options of what bring to this year's holiday celebration. However, you choose to loosen up for this year's festivities, make sure you have a safe ride home. If you plan to mix your cannabis with alcohol, which is not generally recommended, moderation is key. Sometimes being the life of the party rides a fine line between fun and sloppy. Remember: babysitting you at a party is no one's idea of a swell time. 

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