Eighty Six Brand Delta 8 THC Sour Peach Rings Gummies Review

sour peach rings

Company Overview

Eighty Six Brand is a rising star in the cannabis industry that is focused on showcasing the rising star cannabinoids: Delta 8 THC. They do this by offering a wide range of D8 products made from hemp derived D8 distillate. All the distillate used is pure, uncut, solvent-free, and lab tested.

They have everything from edibles in different forms to vape cartridges and even disposable vapes. As is industry standard, eightysix lets anyone review lab test reports.

Today I am going to be reviewing their Delta 8 THC gummies, the Sour Peach Rings. As an avid sweet tooth, I really wanted to get a taste of these delicious edibles.

Delta 8 THC Sour Peach Rings

sour peach rings

I've tried 86 brands Delta 8 gummies before and I've been blown away by the taste and effects of their delta 8 gummies. When I got the opportunity to review their sour peach rings, I obviously jumped at the chance and was excited to get to try them.

The sour peach rings came in a plastic bag, with a simple design and standard packaging. The gummies came in a pack of 10 with about 30mgs of Delta 8 per gummy and the gummies came in a brightly orange and yellow color.

What immediately attracted me was the smell. The sweet aroma of peach and fruityness immediately made my mouth water and it was something I definitely wasn't used to with edibles, as the THC usually masks any other smell or makes it stale.

Since each gummy was about 30mgs, I decided to start with two to see the effects it would have. Since Delta 8 is a minor cannabinoid, I wasn't afraid of the strength or potency, I was just interested in feeling the effects.

The gummies were just as tasty as they looked. With an explosion of flavor and thirst quenching fruityness, I was taken back to my days of summer when all I would eat is candy.

After taking two, I decided to go about my day to see if the effects would affect my normal life or if they would just help me feel good and relaxed. Delta 8 has different side effects for me and has never done me wrong so I was just curious as to how long it would take and how it would make me feel.

I started feeling the effects of the sour peach rings after about 45 minutes and it started small but quickly grew. Before long I was feeling relaxed and enjoying the ride of Delta 8.

After about 90 minutes I felt euphoric and relaxed, as if I just woke up from an empowering nap. It was exactly what I was expecting but I still really loved the effect it had on me.

Eighty Six Brand Delta 8 THC Sour Peach Ring Gummies Review - Conclusion

Eighty six brand has done it again with their amazing selection of Delta 8 gummies. I couldn't get enough of the gummies and it took me about a week to finish them completely. The sour peach rings were just as good as advertised, I couldn't get enough of them.

If you're interested in Delta 8 gummies or edibles in general, you definitely need to check these out. They won't overpower you and will have you feeling great all day. I can't say enough good things about the brand or the product.

Whether you need some for pain relief or inflammation, or you just want to have a good time, these are the way to go.

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