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Alien Flower Monkey (AFM) Glass is an American glass company that offers everything from scientific glass to bangers to pipes and more since 2014. They pride themselves on being an American-made glass company and hail from sunny Los Angeles, CA.

Whether it’s concentrates or flower that you seek to combust or vaporize, AFM has you covered. Their products and reputation have spread far beyond California and are now sought after at all levels.

For this review, AFM Glass sent over their classic Beaker bottom Straight tube in sky (high) blue. I have a soft spot for beaker bottom bingers and was excited to try this one out.

AFM Glass “The Beaker” Bong Review

AFM glass

The Beaker 5mm 18" - Clear came very well packaged - it was surrounded by bubble wrap that made it a tight fit in its box. I felt that there was zero chance that this piece was going to break in transit. Not surprising for a company that has shipped thousands upon thousands of glass pieces all over. If blue isn’t your color, they have six others to choose from. 

As for specs, the bong has 18” of straight tube and a beaker bottom. The 14mm downstem is slitted and measures at 5” long. It sits very close to the bottom and you don’t need much water to get full bubbles. Also wrapped up in all that goodness was a matching bowl that has a honeycomb.

Once filled with water, I ground up some flower and proceeded to give the AFM its inaugural rip. I packed a normal-to-me sized bowl for my bubbler that is usually borderline in its tendency to make me cough. In the 18” bong, I was able to milk the entire thing before the smoke hit my lips then inhale that ethereal mass into my lungs in one big woosh.

I was instantly taken back to my days of smoking snappers out of beaker bottoms. As I held the smoke in, I was struck with the thought that I could maybe put a little more in the next one and get a heavier bigger hit. The great thing about bowls like the one provided is that the multiple air holes under the packed bowl make it so that cornering actually works. It’s great for personal use and for party bowl use. You know what they say: “only a stoner can find the corner of a circle.”

So what is it about the beaker bottom design that is so great that you need to have one? It’s the ability to milk the hit with the same level of finesse that an expert horn player takes to the French horn. Another thing I like is the social aspect of milking a real hit for somebody else. Try doing that with something smaller.

AFM Glass is also known for their ashcatchers and if you’re going to take the time to buy a new beaker bottom bong, it’s not a bad idea to add on an ash catcher to your order. If you’re feeling really alien-y - add a lucky goat bowl to the mix. Bongs are meant to be customized and AFM understands and enables that because they stock all those glass accessories, too. The cream of the crop would be the one featured on Slyng’s Top bongs of 2022.


AFM Glass has a longstanding business of selling quality glass. If you’re in the market for some glass, I bet they have what you want. Their colors complement the products well and hell if you don’t like them, you can always sticker bomb your bong. What matters is that the base bong is made of heavy-duty glass that is sturdy enough for real world use. You can upgrade the bowl and downstem but that skeleton is what makes a good bong. 18” is a perfect size for me, but if it isn’t for you - AFM has you covered with other sizes and styles.

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