Arete Hydroponic Hemp Flower Review

Arete Hemp

Company Overview

Arete hemp is a family-owned and operated brand that commits to providing users with the best experience and the healthiest alternatives. Whether you want an efficient alternative for your diet or to experience the healing benefits of hemp, Arete has it all, and they instill their values in every product they produce.

Dedicated to providing the purest organic healing remedies to improve your quality of life. Through their superfood and hemp divisions, you can find an array of organic products that all offer specific healing benefits.

Today I will review two of their hybrid hydroponic hemp flower strains, Black Diamond and Candyland. As someone who regularly smokes flower, I wanted to try hydroponic flower and see how different it was from regular flower.

Hydroponic Hemp Flower - Black Diamond

hemp black diamond

To fully understand the benefits of hydroponic hemp flower, we must first understand what it is. Hydroponic simply means that the flower is grown with water indoors and uses water as a primary source to grow. Since the methods require more attention, making the hemp more potent and more efficient in helping you is more accessible.

In this case, I'm getting a more potent dose of Black Diamond, an Indica dominant strain that helps with pains and aches and gives you a good amount of energy throughout the day. The bud was nice and fat, with beautiful color and a potent fruity smell. It was nice and sticky and grinding it was super easy.

I decided to try it in a blunt so I could feel the effects quickly and enjoy my afternoon with a bit of Black Diamond. The flower was such great quality I was extremely excited to smoke it. My mouth was practically watering before I even sparked up.

The first puff was glorious. It tasted just how it smelled, a fruity aftertaste. Since it was hemp, I didn't neccessarily get high but I did feel the affects of CBDA in abundance. I felt numb, like all my daily aches and pains went away and I was feeling the euphoria as well.

It was an extremely enjoyable experience and one I would definitely try again. It felt good to smoke and recieve all the benefits of marijuana without the side effects. Add in the potency of hydroponic hemp, you get a very high quality experience.

Hydroponic Hemp Flower - Candyland

The second strain I tried was Candyland. Candyland is a Sativa dominant strain that promotes energy, good feelings, and relief for aches and pains. All of this is intensified with the hydroponic method of growing the strain, meaning you get a lot more than expected.

Like Black Diamond, Candyland was fruity and potent, with nice nugs. The nugs were a dark green and they felt nice and plump. It also had this earthy undertone I was sure to taste when I smoked it. I once again grinded the flower up and rolled it into a blunt.

I took my first puff and I was right about the earthy undertone. I tasted the earthy and fruity taste and it was so good! It was better than most private reserve strains I get from the dispensary and its potent as well.

In just a few minutes I felt euphoric and ache free. I didn't get high but I did feel a rush of happiness and a mild body numbness but it didn't overpower me. It was an overall amazing experience trying Arete Hemp products for the time.

Arete Hydroponic Hemp Flower Review - Conclusion

If you’re looking to up your smoking game, look no further than Arete. These strains will have you feeling like a new person in no time. With the right herb, anything is possible! So what are you waiting for? Shop at Arete today and see what all the hype is about. You won’t be disappointed.

If you want to get your fill of Arete Hemp, check out their website today!