ATLRx D8 Flower and Gummies Review

altrx delta 8

ATLRx Company Info

ATLRx hails from Alpharetta, GA - directly outside Atlanta, Georgia. Their online presence has continually grown thanks to a Loyalty Program and high quality, diversified product offerings. For those that are in Georgia, ATLRx has physical locations and partners with locations in Georgia so you can buy these products in person.

Most of their lab results for their products are available to view here. They have everything from flower to gummies and everything in between and what’s really impressive is their selection of legal hemp-derived cannabinoids beyond Delta 8 THC.

For this review, ATLRx sent over a sampler of their hemp flower and their gummies. I was very excited to try new hemp cultivars and also experience these hemp derived cannabinoids.

ATLRx D8 Flower Review

ATLRx’s D8 flower comes in a mylar bag with a clear window on one side so you can see the flower. I sampled the Tahoe OG, White Cap, Afghan Goo, and White Runtz. The flowers are labeled as kief-sifted - meaning you get a little extra kick in the flower.

The nose on these cultivars was very impressive. I found the flowers to be well cured and had average trichome density - the vast majority of those trichomes heads had been lost though so I’m still not sure if kief sifted means kief added or kief removed - and I'm leaning towards the latter.

Once ground up, the smell on each of the nugs really pops. They all have a bit of sweetness to them that may be from the terroir of where they were grown. The Afghan Goo was notably tight budded while the White Cap was much more loose. These hemp flowers are some of the best that I've ever seen. They survived shipping and handling very well especially considering they were in a bag not a jar.

There were no terpenoid tests run but a simple smell test tells you that they’re present and working. I hit these out of the  bong and ended up doing some mixes with regular D9 flower - something I highly recommend to cannabis smokers even in recreational markets. Hemp flower is the answer to products with too much THC %. The combined D8/D9 experience is something to get used to, but worth it when you do.

ATLRx Hemp Derived Gummies Review


ATLRx gummies come in sealed white pill bottles with a child proof top. ATLRx has the whole range of hemp derived cannabinoids ranging from THC-V to THC D9 to THC D8, THC-O, HHC, and even THC D10.

It’s always worth repeating that everybody’s endocannabinoid system is different so the only way to know how these gummies will affect you is to eat them yourself. Think of it as a grand, fun experiment.

That being said, I preferred the THC-V over the other gummies in terms of solo effect. The mental energy I get from THC-V prevalent cultivars is already up there and these gummies made it so I could smoke or vape anything afterwards and still have a little pep in my step. 

I ended up trying most of these gummies as the base for a day of medicated fun. What you want to use this for will differ depending on your current needs and wants, the fact that most of the country can have these items legally shipped to their door is a plus.

ATLRx puts 11.6mg inside each of their gummies. I like that it’s not a round number like 10 mg which perpetuates the idea that that is a “standard dose.” While it may be an average dose determined by some market research and more so by regulations, it’s best to start small.

Start with a quarter. If you’ve never done any edibles before, you’ll want to start with an 8th. There’s nothing worse than an individual being scared off from cannabis products because of a bad edible experience. The taste of these gummies won’t cause any issues, so make sure you have a good time by being conscious of dosing.

The sweetness of the gummies are not something you’ll soon forget. The effects aren’t either.


ATLRx has a wide range of hemp derived products that are ready for you to try. Whether it’s flower or gummies, ATLRx has you covered. There are cannabinoids out there that most people haven’t tried, this is your chance if you are so inclined.
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