Atlrx Delta 9 Gummies, Delta 8 Bar, & Delta 8 THC Tincture Review


ATLrx Company Overview

ATLRx hails from Alpharetta, GA – directly outside Atlanta, Georgia. Their online presence has continually grown thanks to a Loyalty Program and high quality, diversified product offerings. For those that are in Georgia, ATLRx has physical locations and partners with locations in Georgia so you can buy these products in person.

Most of their lab results for their products are available to view here. They have everything from flower to gummies and everything in between and what’s really impressive is their selection of legal hemp-derived cannabinoids beyond Delta 8 THC.

Today I am going to be reviewing three of their best selling products, their Delta 8 THC Tincture, Delta 8 Dark Chocolate Bar, and Delta 9 THC gummies. As someone who appreciates edibles and what they do, I was very excited to try these out.

Delta 9 Gummies


To be completely honest, I'm still fairly new to edibles and all the different types so I eased my way into this review by trying the gummies first, since they are the most familiar to me.

The gummies came in a normal plastic container, with the bright company colors across the white container. It has the company logo, some cool graphics, and all the info about the gummies, including the ingredients, tests, and everything you need to know prior to taking the gummy.

For those that don't know, Delta 9 is a cannabinoid in the cannabis plant that is responsible for the psychoactive properties in THC. when harnesses and extracted, it adds a powerful kick to your THC, proving to be more potent and psychoactive than most strains. Infusing Delta 9 into an edible is a lovely surprise when taken responsibly so I am excited to get started.

The container comes with 10 gummies, each with 11.6mg of Delta 9 in the gummy. The gummies are not flavored like regular gummies, but have assorted flavors so you will always have something new to taste. The gummies are made with cane sugar, coconut oil, and other great natural ingredients.

To start off my review I decided to take one. When I take edibles, I usually watch a movie or tv show so I can do something fun while enjoying the experience responsibly. For this occassion, I turned on a movie and waited for the effects.

I started feeling effects in about 45ish minutes. It was a slow burner, I started with a small burst of energy which turned into focus and I became more detail oriented. I noticed this while I was watching the movie that I started to see things I had never seen while watching the movie and it made my experience a little cooler.

Before long I felt euphoric and energized, ready to begin my night. The effects lasted a while too, about 3-4 hours. And it wasn't overwhleming nor did it make me anxious, it was like drinking an energy drink or a strong cup of coffee without the jitters.

Overall, a great first experience with ATLrx Delta 9 gummies.

Delta 8 Bar - Dark Chocolate


The next thing I decided to try was the Delta 8 chocolate bar. As a big chocolate lover and an even bigger fan of the sweet and tanginess of dark chocolate, I really wanted to try this.

For those that are still new to this sort of stuff, Delta 8, unlike Delta 9 is a downer. It is a cannabinoid found in THC just like Delta 9, except Delta 8 is the opposite, it is a cannabinoid that will mellow you out and relax you versus give you energy.

I had tried Delta 8 infused things in the past so I wasn't unfamiliar with Delta 8. The chocolate bar came in this gold wrapper and a sleeve with the ATLrx company logo, flavor of the bar, ingredients, and dosage of Delta 8 in the bar.

The bar is made of natural ingredients and is vegan friendly, which is perfect for those who want a healthy option of edibles. It has 500 total mgs of Delta 8, with each small square containing 50 mgs of Delta 8.

Since each square has a heavy dosage of Delta 8, I started off with just one square before starting my night with a movie.

Unlike Delta 9, the Delta 8 kicked in in about an hour and the effects hit me like a train. I started feeling relaxed and almost numb. It wasn't overpowering but the good feeling made it too hard to get up.

Instead of noticing details or being more aware of the movie, I had a way different experience with the Delta 8. Instead I was laughing, crying, overall more emotionally connected with the movie, almost like I was a part of it.

It was a very different, yet equally enjoyable experience as the gummies. Another great ATLrx product I would recommend.

Delta 8 THC Tincture

The last thing I decided to try was the Delta 8 oil drops. Now I have tried tinctures before but I wasn't really sure about oil drops so I did more research.

Upon my research I found that tinctures work a lot like edibles in the sense they go through liver unlike smoking and they are virtually odorless and flavorless.

The tincture came in an amber glass dropper bottle with 567 mg of product, roughly about 18.9mg of Delta 8 per ml. To start off I tried a small dosage. I dropped the drops in my tongue and got ready for the effects.

Like the chocolate bar, the effects kicked in after about an hour and they hit me quick. ATLrx really knows their stuff and I was blown away by the third and final product I got from them.

The drops were flavorless and odorless so I didn't have any lingering taste or weird edible taste, it was clean and pure. The ingredients are natural and right there on the label, they're not sugarcoating anything.

Another great product that made my night 100X better.

Atlrx Delta 9 Gummies, Delta 8 Bar, & Delta 8 THC Tincture Review - Conclusion

Overall I had a great experience with ALTrx edible products. Whether it's delta 8, delta 9, or any other product they have to offer, it's well worth a try. I cannot recommend ATLrx enough.

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