Bento Bong Review

bento bong review

The Bento Bong is a modular water pipe that is fully customizable and built to last. Check out our Bento Bong review to see what all the hype is about.

Bento Bong Company Info

Bento Bong is a new water pipe company that is taking the internet by storm with their low cost and high functionality bongs. What makes Bento so unique is not the quality craftsmanship but that the main body of the bongs are made of plastic, ideal for durability and maintenance.

For this review, Bento Bong sent over their eponymous Bento Bong. I was excited to see how far plastic bong technology has come.

Bento Bong Review

The Bento Bong comes in a well-fitting cardboard box that holds all of the Bento Bong’s individual pieces in inserts. There’s no chance of breakage. Honestly, opening up this box felt like I was unboxing a newfangled electric dab rig at first - but quickly transformed into much more of an adult legos type of feel. The Bento Bong doesn’t need electricity to run, hell you can hit it with a magnifying glass on a sunny day.

From top to bottom, the Bento Bong comes with a mouthpiece, an o-ring, a honeycomb percolator disc, a connector, and then the base. All these main components are made of BPA/BPS-free Tritan TX1001 plastic. 

The final touch is a borosilicate glass downstem and glass bowl. The ones that come with are simple and functional. The heady folk will likely swap it out for something in their favorite color or by their favorite artist - and that’s absolutely encouraged.

Bento Bong Review

Assembling the Bento Bong was easy. Not Ikea hard, not Legos hard, not even Kinder egg toy hard. What I’m trying to say is don’t let the extra complexity of modularity turn you away from considering the Bento.

It’s got a big enough tube to avoid splash damage and give you some margin of error if you add too much water. The whole thing is lighter than I expected, too. I also like the name “Bento” as it really imparts the magnitude of the customization.

I’ve had a lot of bongs in my day and I’ve seen even more among the collections of my acquaintances. This is only the second modular bong I’ve seen and I sure hope it becomes more and more popular.

I’ve sung the praises of gigantic bongs before in my life. I remember the first time I hit a four foot bong because it was so in your face. That thing had multiple parts, some of which were meant to stay in the freezer, and it needed to be assembled.

Suffice to say, I don’t remember it for its good taste. Smaller pieces are in vogue now - and they’re in vogue for a reason. Now that many people consume cannabis on the go, it’s the piece that can go with you that will end up seeing use. 

If it’s easy to clean, you can realistically use it for multiple purposes. Maybe tomorrow the Bento Bong is for dry herb vaping. The next day it can be an oil rig and the next day it can be a smoker’s dream. For today though, it’s a smoker’s dream.

As cannabis continues to be legalized throughout the world, more and more licensed and public events will be available. One such event that you may have heard of is Hippie Hill. Though it has been shuttered for two years due to the pandemic, Hippie Hill 420 made a comeback in 2022. Thousands of people descend on the eponymous hippie hill to smoke, vape or otherwise ingest cannabis on the dot at 4:20.

The thing is: NO GLASS ALLOWED. Don’t worry, Bento Bong to the rescue. Hell, cleaning up a broken bong is one of the unavoidable tragedies of smoking - especially group smoking. With its body mostly made of plastic, the Bento Bong can handle a tumble and it will last longer than your previous pieces. 

Bento Bong Conclusion

Whether you want single or double (or even triple if you’re craycray) filtration, the Bento Bong has you covered with their size options. The price isn’t high, and it's actually going to last, unlike all the previous glass you’ve likely bought. I’m always one for efficiency, minimalism and being able to have all my water pipe needs handled by a single piece is the way to go. This isn’t your acrylic bong of yore, it’s a Bento Bong and it’s ready for a permanent place in your pantry.