Binoid Premium THC-B Vape Cartridges Review


Company Overview

Founded in 2018, Binoid CBD was built on providing the public with quality hemp and cannabinoid products for you to enjoy, either recreationally or medically. Binoid prides itself on creating the best cannabis products, testing, and ensuring that every product is up to standards and ready for you to enjoy.

Based in Los Angeles, California, its mission is simple, to create fun, unique, and effective Hemp-derived products. Binoid believes that Hemp cannabinoids should be vital to living a healthy lifestyle. 

Today I will be reviewing some of their Premium THC-B Vape Cartridges.

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THC-B Cartridge - Mountain Temple

THC-B Cart

Binoid has quickly become one of my favorite brands because they are great at creating quality cannabinoid products. Having tried their disposables and gummies, I was excited to try their THC-B carts. The fact these carts came in a bundle made it all the way better.

For those that don't know what THC-B is, THC-B is the most abundant cannabinoid in the cannabis plant and responsible for most cannabis psychoactivity. However, not much is known about this compound. According to the researchers who discovered it, THCB similarly interacts with the endocannabinoid system to THC, mainly acting on CB1 and CB2 receptors in the brain.

The researchers also found that THC-B had a stronger binding affinity with CB1 receptors in the brain than the more abundant THC. All of this information is still preliminary, but it's clear that THC-B is a compound worth further study.

The first cart I decided to try was Mountain Temple. MT is a high-powered sativa that is both tasty and potent. It is a popular strain for a good pick-me-up or to use socially. It was an excellent place to start for me since I needed some energy and focus.

Each cart has a universal 510 thread and 1 gram of concentrate, meaning just about any pen battery fits. I plugged it into the battery, and I took my first hit. Immediately I tasted the fruity and pungent taste and fell in love.

After a few more hits, I felt the euphoria and energy that comes with this potent sativa, and I just felt so good. The THC-B adds to the potency like never before. It also lasted about an hour more than a regular vape pen.

THC-B Cartridge - Caribbean Breeze

The next cart I decided to try was the Caribbean Breeze. Caribbean Breeze is almost the polar opposite of Mountain Temple. It's an indica meant to relax you and ease your life's stress and anxiety. It's a minty strain that kicks in almost immediately.

I twisted into my pen, took my first hit, and immediately tasted the minty taste. The indica took a few hits to kick in, and I felt great. So far, the vape carts are unique, and I'm so blown away.

THC-B Cartridge - Juicy Fruit

The third strain was Juicy Fruit. Juicy Fruit is a hybrid that is potent and not for the weak. It is a powerful strain meant for pro-smokers and not to be taken lightly. It has lemony and sweet, meant to promote creativity.

Like the last two strains, I screwed it into my pen, and I tried the pen. It was just as advertised. The sweet and citrusy taste was great, and the potency was no joke. It took just two hits to kick in, and I felt great; it was the most potent one of the three so far.

THC-B Cartridge - Cloud Nine

The last strain I tried was Cloud Nine. Like Juicy Fruit, Cloud Nine is a hybrid, with a critical difference being the potency. Cloud Nine will get you floating in the clouds and help you feel better.

It's an excellent strain after a day of working; it's meant to relax you. I took it, and after three to four hits, I felt the effects. The taste wasn't as strong, but I still really enjoyed it, and I enjoyed the effects.

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Binoid Premium THC-B Vape Cartridges Review - Conclusion

If you’re looking for a vape cartridge that will knock your socks off, Binoid has got you covered. Their THC-B carts are some of the best I’ve ever tried – and I’ve tried a lot. Whether you’re a first-time smoker or an experienced cannabis consumer, these carts will not disappoint.

So what are you waiting for? Try Binoid today and see for yourself how amazing their products are.

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