Black Tie CBD Delta 8 Infused Diamond Kush CBD Hemp Flower Review

Diamond Kush

Company Overview

Black Tie CBD is Oregon’s premier supplier of industrial hemp flowers. Black Tie CBD has a very strong selection of hemp flowers and other CBD products derived from their top of the line hemp flowers. The price and quality meet what you’d find in a dispensary and the hemp flowers come with lab results to prove their efficacy.

Today I am going to once again be reviewing their Delta 8 infused flower, this time I am going to be trying their Indica dominant strain, Diamond Kush.

Delta 8 Infused Diamond Kush CBD Hemp Flower

diamond kush

Like I mentioned above, I have already tried a few of their flower strains, which you can read here. Every strain I've tried has been great and potent, a huuuge step up from traditional dispensary bud.

Diamond Kush is a popular medical marijuana strain that helps with aches, pains, spasms, and even anxiety. As an Indica, Diamond Kush promotes relief and makes you feel relaxed. It's a long lasting and potent strain that you can take before bed to relax you into the night.

As a powerful Indica, I was interested to see how the Delta 8 and CBD cannabinoids would interact with the strain, either intensifying the high or elevating it.

The flower came in a glass container with the logo, flower info, and the lab tests that show all the cannabinoids infused into the flower. Diamond Kush is a very pungent brand, known for it's skunky smell and powerful aroma, which I got a whiff of right away.

The nugs themselves are nice and sticky, with a bright green and plump appearance. It made my mouth water just looking at it. Now usually with reviews, I use a bong to control how much I take and I can accurately review the product but today I decided to roll a joint.

I grinded up about a gram of the flower and rolled in about 5 minutes. The nugs are soft so grinding was a piece of cake. Once I got done cleaning up and rolling, I decided to spark up.

I smoked about a quarter of the joint before I started feeling the effects and man did it hit me. In less than an hour I was slumped, I didn't even want to get up from the couch. And my whole body felt it.

The Delta 8 and CBD made the effects so much stronger and I was able to feel relief from aches and pains, while feeling in control without being too slumped.

It was a pure bliss, like taking melatonin. I had one of the best night's sleep of my life and it wasn't even close. And I woke up the next morning feeling good and rested.

Black Tie CBD Delta 8 Infused Diamond Kush CBD Hemp Flower Review - Conclusion

diamond kush

Overall, I really enjoyed this strain, I had never tried it before because I don't like Indicas, but this strain by Black Tie CBD changed my mind for the better.

If you're looking for a real solution for insomnia or pain relief, Diamond Kush infused with Delta 8 is the way to go. It's seriously one of the best strains I have ever tried.

Try it out and see for yourself. Check out Black Tie CBD and check out their wide selection of Delta 8 infused cannabis flower and you'll see what all the hype is about. There's a reason Black Tie CBD is as popular as it is.

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