Black Tie CBD Delta 8 Infused Grandaddy Purple CBD Hemp Flower Review

grandaddy purple

Company Overview

Black Tie CBD is Oregon’s premier supplier of industrial hemp flowers. Black Tie CBD has a very strong selection of hemp flowers and other CBD products derived from their top of the line hemp flowers. The price and quality meet what you’d find in a dispensary and the hemp flowers come with lab results to prove their efficacy.

Today I am going to try their delta 8 infused Indica, Grandaddy Purple. I've tried a few of their flower strains in the past and have loved every single one of them so it's safe to say I am eager to try a fourth strain.

Delta 8 Infused Grandaddy Purple CBD Hemp Flower

grandaddy purple

Like all the other flower strains I've tried, the Grandaddy Purple came in an elegant glass container with the company logo and the information about the strain. I got about 7 grams of the strain but you can usually choose how much you usually want.

Grandaddy Purple is a popular Indica strain, homegrown in sunny California and known for its grape taste and dark purple buds. GDP is a great relaxer, helpful with things like stress, anxiety, depression, and the strain even helps with pain, inflammation, and has a lot of good health benefits.

Delta 8 is a cannabinoid found in the cannabis plant in small amounts. When harnessed and extracted, it can be a strain on it's own, and being less potent and psychoactive and providing a lot of good benefits without overwhelming you. Delta 8 works with your CB receptors that control pain and inflammation which means that it works efficiently at managing pain/inflammation. Combine that with the health benefits of Grandaddy Purple and you have a great, potent Indica strain.

I usually use a bong or roll the flower into a blunt but today I wanted to try smoking out of a pipe, to best control my cannabis intake. I opened the container and I didn't really get a good whiff of the flower, it wasn't as potent as other Black Tie CBD strains I've tried but what makes this specific strain stand out is the vivid purple coloring on the buds.

The bud was nice and sticky, also very plump so I knew I was gonna get my money's worth with this. I ground a nug up in my grinder and I sprinkled it on top of my piece, ready to enjoy my time before going to bed.

I took one hit and I could definitely taste a fruity, earthy taste, it was sweet and smooth. Upon my second hit is where I really tasted the flavor and that's when I started smelling the potency of the strain.

After about 3-4 hits I started feeling the Delta 8, with a numbing head high followed by relaxation and euphoria. I felt so good in my body and mind, like almost buzzed but I was still coherent. Grandaddy Purple is a perfect strain to take before bed, because when I finally laid my head to rest, I knocked out minutes later and I stayed asleep the whole night.

The effects didn't slump me, more like easily eased me into wanting to go to sleep and then knocking me out like a light. It was a great experience, and the addition of Delta 8 made Grandaddy Purple one of my new favorite indica strains.

Black Tie CBD Delta 8 Infused Grandaddy Purple CBD Hemp Flower Review

grandaddy purple

Grandaddy Purple is the perfect sleep aid and relaxer. It took no more than 15 minutes to feel the effects and for someone that usually has a racing mind at night, this was perfect for silencing the thoughts and helping me sleep through the night.

I truly highly recommend this to anyone who is looking for something to relax with or simply something to help you sleep.

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