Black Tie CBD Delta 8 Infused Sour Diesel CBD Hemp Flower Review

sour diesel

Company overview

Black Tie CBD is Oregon’s premier supplier of industrial hemp flowers. Black Tie CBD has a very strong selection of hemp flowers and other CBD products derived from their top of the line hemp flowers. The price and quality meet what you’d find in a dispensary and the hemp flowers come with lab results to prove their efficacy.

Today I am going to review their Delta 8 infused CBD Hemp flower Sativa dominant strain, Sour diesel. As an avid flower enthusiast and huge fan of Black Tie CBD, I was really excited to try their flower strains.

Sativa is my preferred strain, and I was curious to see how it would mix with the addition of Delta 8.

Delta 8 Infused Sour Diesel CBD Hemp Flower

sour diesel

Delta 8 has been taking the world by storm, often referred to as "diet weed". It's called this because the cannabinoid has less potency than traditional THC, so you feel all the effects without any of the side effects. It is a popular medical marijuana strain, but has since made it's way to the recreational marijuana market.

Since Delta 8 is still fairly new, I haven't had a chance to try Delta 8 with flower, so I was curious to see how it would mix with one of my favorite sativa strains, Sour Diesel.

Sour diesel by itself has a distinct diesel smell (Hence the name), and a dreamy, cerebral, and fast acting. It is often used to help treat anxiety and depression disorders, and in the recreational field it is used to promote creativity and energy.

The Sour Diesel came in a nice little glass container, containing seven grams of the earthy strain. You can get it in different increments, but I started with 7 grams.

The container is labeled with the Black Tie CBD logo, the strain info, and most importantly, a label with all the lab information you need to know about the strain.

Upon opening the container, I got hit with a whiff of the gas and earthy tone, along with a faint grassy smell. The nugs themselves are a dark green, like a sycamore tree. The CBD and Delta infusions were a curious combination so I decided to start small with a bong.

Like any flower I smoke, I ground the weed and I packed my bowl. Upon lighting the flower, the distinct diesel smell hit the air and as I inhaled I tasted the earthy flavor associated with Sour diesel.

The CBD and Delta 8 didn't compromise the smell or taste of the iconic strain but once I smoked about half a bowl, I started feeling the effects of the cannabinoids.

I started feeling more alert and energized and the alertness wasn't jittery, it was pure focus. I got a minor head high but otherwise felt alert and focused. As a writer, it was a dream come true to get a burst of creative energy.

The CBD infusion adds to the alertness effects and the Delta 8 infusion almost purifies the flower. I felt all the effects of Sour Diesel without any of the adverse effects like paranoia or anxiety.

It was quite the opposite.

Black Tie CBD Delta 8 Infused Sour Diesel CBD Hemp Flower - Final thoughts

sour diesel

I was extremely satisfied with Black Tie CBD's flower strain. I am definitely excited to try more and I'm definitely excited to recommend Sour Diesel or any other strain that Black Tie CBD supplies.

The combination of both CBD and Delta 8 is a genius move and all my questions and doubts about it are put to rest with trying their Delta 8 infused CBD hemp flower.

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