Black Tie CBD Delta 8 Infused Moon Blunt & Hemp Flower Review

black tie cbd

Company Overview

Black Tie CBD is Oregon’s premier supplier of industrial hemp flowers. Black Tie CBD has a solid selection of hemp flowers and other CBD products from their top-of-the-line hemp flowers. The price and quality meet what you’d find in a dispensary, and the hemp flowers come with lab results to prove their efficacy.

Today I will try their signature Delta 8 infused Moon Blunt and their High Resin Hemp Flower strain, Gushers.

Delta 8 Infused Moon Blunt

black tie cbd

I love flower, the sensation of smoking, the smell of the bud, and sparking up after a long day. I don't always love rolling and grinding; it's very time-consuming, so I can appreciate how little I have to do when it comes to this pre-roll.

The moon blunt came in this elegant little tube with resin and the Delta 8 infusion. The two-gram pre-roll is perfect for those that enjoy a little de-stressor after a long day. The moon blunt is an indica-dominant hybrid produced by crossing Hawaiian Haze and Grandaddy Purple. The result is a stout and dense plant that grows short and compact flowers. The leaves are broad and deep green with a purple hue. The buds are covered in orange hairs and have a frosty coating of trichomes.

Moon blunt emits a sweet and pungent aroma with notes of tropical fruits, berries, and gasoline. When smoked, moon blunt tastes sweet fruits and berries with a diesel aftertaste. This strain produces cerebral and uplifting effects at first but quickly turns relaxing and to sedate. The moon blunt is perfect for smoking at night before bedtime. Thanks to its potent 34.79% THC Delta8 content, this blunt is not for beginner smokers.

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Hemp Flower

I tried the Gushers indica strain, and it was terrific. The high-THC, low-CBD cultivar has solid and euphoric effects that can initially feel enervating, then sedating. Named for its explosively thick fruit flavor, it's available as a flower or extract that makes you feel relaxed and euphoric.

The Hawaiian Haze hemp flower provides a sweet taste of tropical fruits with thick undertones of berries and gas. At the same time, the Grandaddy Purple Live Resin gives it a robust and flavorful exhale. I rolled it into a blunt to feel the effects, and the flower was soft and sticky. After rolling, I immediately tasted the Gushers' signature taste. I was amazed by how smooth it was and how potent it was. After a few puffs, I felt the effects, and man, they were great. I was feeling relaxed yet energetic, and I was feeling good overall.

The effects were strong but not necessarily explosive. The sedative effects also set in quickly, which wasn't what I expected. Overall, though, it was a pretty good experience. I would recommend it to anyone looking for potent strains.

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Black Tie CBD Delta 8 Infused Moon Blunt & Hemp Flower Review - Conclusion

If you are looking for a fantastic strain that will knock your socks off, look no further than Black Tied CBD. This company has done it again with their moon blunt, and we guarantee you will not be disappointed. It is one of the best strains I've tried, and the moon blunt was exactly what I expected.

So what are you waiting for? Head over to black tie cbd today and see how great their products are!

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