Black Tie CBD Delta 8 Infused PINK RUNTZ CBD Hemp Flower Review

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Company Overview

Black Tie CBD is Oregon’s premier supplier of industrial hemp flowers. Black Tie CBD has a very strong selection of hemp flowers and other CBD products derived from their top of the line hemp flowers. The price and quality meet what you’d find in a dispensary and the hemp flowers come with lab results to prove their efficacy.

Today I am going to review on their hybrid strain, Pink Runtz. This strain, like many I've tried with Black Tie CBD, is infused with CBD and Delta 8, which intensify the high and provide you with the benefits of THC.

Safe to say I couldn't wait to smoke this strain.

Delta 8 Infused PINK RUNTZ CBD Hemp Flower

pink runtz

Pink Runtz is a popular hybrid strain known for its fruity smell, sweet taste, and uplifting effects. A dose of Pink Runtz is sure to give you the giggles and have you feeling like a child again, add in the CBD and Delta 8, it's sure to last you a while.

The flower came in a standard glass container with the company logo and strain information. Something Black Tie CBD does that no one else does is that they have the lab reports of the cannabinoids and THC in the strain so you know exactly what you're smoking with no repercussions.

Like I did with the last strain, I decided to try the Pink Runtz on my bong, so I could control how much I smoke. Upon opening the container, the fruity aroma immediately hit my nose, it literally made my mouth water.

The nugs are a light green with bright specs of bright orange throughout and the bugs themselves are soft and plump.

I ground up my flower and packed my bowl. The smell wasn't potent, but the taste was sooo flavorful. I was able to taste a hint of strawberry and vanilla and it was so enjoyable.

The effects took a while to kick in, but once they kicked in, there was no confusing the influence of the Delta 8. When I smoke too much, I usually get dizzy and I get headaches but upon smoking two bowls, I felt nothing but bliss.

The CBD and Delta 8 combination, to go along with the hybrid balance of the strain had me feeling good for hours, I wasn't drowsy or knocked out, but I was giddy and ready to make the most out of the most mundane tasks.

Id you're looking for a good afternoon pick me up or a good strain to get your head right, I highly recommend Pink Runtz. It has me convinced, and the addition of the cannabinoids makes it 100 times better than the traditional strain.

I can't recommend this enough and I can't wait to try it again.

Black Tie CBD Delta 8 Infused PINK RUNTZ CBD Hemp Flower Review - Conclusion

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Black tie CBD continues to win me over with their amazing quality products. Whether its the CBD, their concentrates, or flower strains, every one of their products is quality and legit.

The Delta 8 only adds to the benefits and you get a good high, without any of the side effects of THC. The CBD makes for the perfect ultimate punch to the flower strain. You'll want to smoke this for years to come.

I seriously can't recommend Black Tie CBD or any of their products enough, it's truly been life changing finding quality products from such a trusted brand.

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