Black Tie CBD Reviews | CBD Hash, CBD KIEF, and Rolling Papers

Black Tie CBD

About Black Tie CBD

Black Tie CBD makes industry-leading CBG and CBD products out of industrial hemp flowers grown in Oregon’s own Umpqua valley. Black Tie CBD was founded in 2018 and was able to start with very “rosinous” hemp flowers which had the necessary levels of CBD and CBG to be turned into industry-leading CBD and CBG products. Thanks to their quality hemp flower, Black Tie CBD now sells everything from CBG kief to CBD tinctures. Besides being high quality, Black Tie CBD’s sustainably sourced hemp products are certified Halal, Non-GMO, Vegan, and maintain the Good Management Practices (GMP) certification. Black Tie CBD is proud to provide up to date lab reports on all of their products so that buyers can see exactly what the chemical makeup is of the products they’re buying. I’ve previously been able to review their CBG herbal tablets and full-spectrum CBD tincture. For this review, Black Tie CBD sent over their CBD Afghani hash, CBD kief, and premium rolling papers - I was excited to try them all, especially in concert.

Afghani CBD Hash Review

Black Tie CBD’s Afghani CBD Hash comes in a small black box featuring a chemical illustration of CBD as well as information in silver lettering. Opening the box reveals a small jar of the Afghani CBD Hash - available in both 0.5g and 1g jars. The hash is stored in an acrylic jar that has a see-through top and a silicone casing on the inside to keep the hash from smearing everywhere. Looking through the top, you’re able to see the dark brown color of the Afghani CBD hash. Black Tie CBD
The hash didn’t smell too strongly, which is normal given the processing needed to get it to this state. I picked out gassy and somewhat chocolatey tones without any sweetness. To me, hash is the perfect complementary concentrate - especially when it is soft and malleable like this batch of Afghani was. I know that there is a certain aesthetic beauty in a joint crisscrossed with lines of sticky distillate and then sprinkled with kief, but a lot of that stuff on the outside is being wasted. Hash and flower mixed together at the right proportions so that the hash doesn’t clog the joint. I picked off tiny pieces of Afghani CBD hash with my fingers and rolled them into tiny rice-sized dabs which I then loaded over a screen in my spoon. The taste of hash is a little heavier than some people are used to - but it is less harsh than kief and I am so appreciative of it because it still contains a lab-tested 41.96% CBD. The smoke is almost coffee tasting and the feelings of relaxation in the body and the mind are near-instantaneous. I’d definitely need to try this with a joint later on. Hash is so rare to find in the states, even in dispensaries. Having CBD hash available online is revolutionary, to say the least. Taste: 5/5 Effectiveness: 5/5 Ease of use: 5/5 Overall score: 5/5

Bleu Cheese CBD Kief Review

Black Tie CBD
Black Tie CBD’s Bleu Cheese CBD Kief comes in a black box decorated with silver lettering as well as an illustration of CBD’s chemical makeup. Opening the box reveals a small jar of the Bleu Cheese CBD Kief. Both the lid and the body of the glass jar feature Black Tie CBD’s famous argyle background which features light, sandy colors. Opening the jar reveals a tan kief with just a little hint of forest green in the right lighting.
Black Tie CBD
The smell is dank and musky, yet also sharp and crisp with distinct funky tones. I packed the Bleu Cheese CBD Kief on top of a cashed bowl of flower so I could burn it and taste the CBD kief all by itself. In my rush, I tried to use my fingers to grab some kief and ended up figuring out first hand how sticky it is - always use a tiny scoop if possible! Kief rocks had already started forming in my jar when I opened it. Once burned, the CBD kief turned a stark white color and tasted faintly of cheese but definitely funky in all the right ways. As soon as I exhaled, I could already feel a calmness working its way through my body. This batch of Bleu Cheese CBD Kief tested in at 25.01% cannabinoid content with 19.77% of that being from CBD. The other cannabinoids granted a solid entourage effect where all the cannabinoids worked together to provide a full spectrum effect. I would recommend this CBD kief for use with CBD flowers and THC flowers. Taste: 4.9/5 Effectiveness: 5/5 Ease of use: 4.8/5 Overall score: 4.9/5

Black Tie CBD Premium Rolling Papers Review

Black Tie CBD
Black Tie CBD’s Premium Rolling Papers come in a small, black metal tin with the Black Tie logo beautifully displayed on a white sticker for contrast. Opening the tin reveals the rolling paper pack, which also comes with crutch papers. The rolling papers are made in France, one of the first countries to mass-produce rolling papers and the home of centuries of rolling knowledge. The pack of rolling papers comes with a magnet to keep it closed and protected, with the added benefit of securing the pack to the tin. The lid of the tin doubles as a mini rolling tray. The pack is a beautiful black with wisps of smoke on all sides. The papers themselves are standard sized and very thin. They have one end covered in a natural gum strip which helps when rolling a joint. One advantage of the natural gum is that it is essential in backrolling a flag joint - a must-try if you’re smoking with European rolling papers.
Black Tie CBD
I really wish I were skilled enough to make the folds in the crutch look like a cannabis leaf, but alas that is something I will need to continue working at. I rolled a joint using some Black Tie CBD hemp flower, some of the Afghani CBD hash, and some Bleu Cheese CBD kief in a ratio of about 5:2:2. Once lit, the burn was slow and there was no canoeing. I really like that the crutches are longer than average, which means that my lips don’t get burned like they usually do. There wasn’t any sort of off-taste from the papers - just a smooth hitting joint. Effectiveness: 5/5 Ease of use: 5/5 Overall score: 5/5 Black Tie CBD really offers the full gamut of CBD and CBG products. I have always loved smoking kief and hash, so I had high expectations going in. Their CBD Afghani Hash and Bleu Cheese CBD Kief hit the spot just right. The hash had a perfect consistency and the kief had that perfect kick that makes them both ideal for cannabis users of all types. Adding the Premium Rolling Papers by Black Tie CBD to the mix elevates your smoking session to the next level. Don’t miss out on using these papers and complementary concentrates to augment your sessions or bring relief on demand. Use code “SLYNG1” for an awesome 10% OFF your entire order from Black Tie CBD!