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Boundless Technology Company Info

Founded in 2016, Boundless Technology is an industry leader in “spreading aromatherapy awareness at an affordable price.” They feature vaporizers specialized for concentrates, vaporizers specialized for dry herbs and even hybrid models that can handle both. Boundless Technology sent over their CF-710 model for review, which is an electric nectar collector meant for concentrates. When compared with a manual nectar collector heated using a butane torch, the Boundless Technology CF-710 is leaps and bounds ahead. Even compared with using a propane torch, or a propylene torch - the CF-710’s electric heating action will remain more consistent and save you money on gas over time. It’s no wonder that the CF-710 is so popular. Check out the Boundless Technology Website.

Boundless Technology CF-710 What is Provided?

As soon as I opened the Boundless Technology CF-710 box, the first thing I saw was the 5.5” length, cylindrical vaporizer staring back at me while nestled in its foam outline. Underneath the stainless steel vaporizer, I found a Micro USB charging cable with colorful red ends for easy identification alongside a Quick Start Guide, a larger-than-standard glass dabbing jar as well as two heating rods. One heating rod features a quartz tip wrapped with the electric heating element while the other features a ceramic tip. The ceramic tip will get hotter than the quartz tip but also takes longer to heat up, so choose accordingly depending on what kind of concentrate is on the menu. For messier, lower quality concentrates, I prefer to use the quartz over the ceramic - and always out of the provided glass jar - not off of a silicone rubber dab jar or baking mat and definitely not off of parchment paper.
A nectar collector is notably different in comparison with a traditional oil rig that is used to vaporize concentrates inside of a heated up nail, banger, or bowl. The tip of the nectar collector is heated up to the desired temperature and then applied directly to the concentrate and the resulting vapor is inhaled through the collector. The concentrate needs to be sitting on a medium that can handle the nectar collector’s high temperatures. This is important because while silicon may have a melting temperature of 2577 degrees Fahrenheit, the silicone rubber jars and baking mats often used to hold concentrates do not. The highest temperature that silicon rubber can safely go without outgassing is 572 degrees Fahrenheit. The coils on the CF-710 do go above 572 degrees Fahrenheit regularly. That’s why Boundless Technology included the large sized, glass dab jar with the CF-710 - because no nectar collector is complete without a place to collect from.
The CF-710 is composed of five distinct parts: The detachable mouthpiece, the part with the battery and charging port, the part with the heating rod, the heating rod itself, and the detachable cover that keeps the heating rod hidden away when not in use. Simply charge the CF-710 by plugging in the Micro USB cable into the device directly opposite the power button.

Boundless Technology CF-710 Reviews

Using the CF-710 for the first time might require some visual instruction. I had to watch a YouTube video or two of others using the device before I felt comfortable emulating without fear of burning myself. Maybe I’m just timid, but it took me some time to get used to my first analog nectar collector, too. Once I feel comfortable, I turned on the device with 5 consecutive presses of the power button. With the mouthpiece in my mouth, I pressed the power button to activate the electric heating element on the heating rod on the opposite end of the mouthpiece. I then touch the heated quartz or ceramic tip to the concentrate while inhaling to achieve my first act of CF-710 vaporization. The taste of the vaporized concentrate was spot-on from the first hit, without compromising the taste of the concentrate as many other portable pen vaporizers do. The CF-710 does not come with any sort of temperature gauge. However, generally the tip of the heating rod becomes hot enough to vaporize after just a few seconds with the quartz and within five seconds on the ceramic - even before the coils start to become glowing orange. To regulate the temperature, one can either pull harder to increase the airflow or press the power button in intervals instead of holding it down all at once. Taste: 5/5 Effectiveness: 5/5 Ease of use: 4.7/5 Overall score: 4.9/5 With the CF-710, Boundless Technology has made an industry standard with this electric nectar collector design. As long as its charged, the CF-710 always packs a punch and is portable enough to be carried around! Try it out especially if you’ve been waiting to make the switch to electric. Use code “SLYNGBNDLS” for an awesome 20% OFF your entire order from Boundless Technology!