BudKups BudKit Reviews


BudKups BudKit Reviews

Everyone knows the best part of a vaporizer is turning it on and then inhaling the vapor. Everyone further knows that the worst part of a vaporizer is clearing the device, packing the device, and grounding up the flower or herb that is going in the device. On the BudKups website, they proudly claim that “with BudKups, you can go beyond the grind.” It isn’t too often that a product offers a significant upgrade on an already well-engineered product.

Who is BudKups?

BudKups makes the best Pax vaporizer accessories on the market out of their headquarters in Maryland. Since starting in 2018, BudKups has reconfigured their highly useful product into version 3.0 - swapping out diamond shaped holes for perfectly circular ones. I’ve been a fan of the Pax since the Pax 1.0. I skipped the Pax 2.0 but I have owned and loved both the Pax 1 and the newest Pax 3. The fact that there is a whole brand dedicated to being a bomb accessory for a specific type of vaporizer is a testament to the Pax’s resilience as a brand and also BudKups’ ingenuity as an innovator in this industry. BudKups sent over their all-in-one BudKit for me to try.

What Comes in the BudKups BudKit?

While BudKups does sell the kups by themselves in sets of three, the ultimate BudKups experience can only be found with the BudKit. If you were to buy all of the BudKit’s items separately from BudKups, it would cost $64.80. But if you just get the BudKit, you’ll only spend 49.95. If you count the fact that trying to pack your Pax on the go often means you have to take a detour to go somewhere private, the time saved adds up very quickly. The BudKit consists of two sets of Generation 3.0 BudKups, one Bud Case, and a BudKups Packing System packaged within a compact black box with the BudKups logo and sealed with a BudKups sticker. Once you open the black box, all of the aforementioned kit accessories are tucked away in a lime green cut out that matches the ingenious pokey scoopy tamper tool that is part of the packing system.
One thing that I noticed on the BudKups website is that they also sell an upgraded version of the Bud Case called the BudKups Pocket Humidor which features a two-way humidity pack that will keep your herb at the perfect humidity and freshness for when you vape it.
The sleek BudKit box also comes with an infographic flyer with illustrated instructions as well as a page of helpful tips that the company has come up with to make your Pax vaping experience even better.
One other thing I like is that the entire kit fits into each other so it can be stored away after the Kups have been prepared.

Our BudKups BudKit Reviews

Tips for the flower preparation include using a finer grinder and not packing the kups too tightly. Tips for vaping once the BudKups are inside of your Pax include starting at heat setting two and allowing the vaporizer thirty seconds to heat up to an optimum temperature. I took all these considerations to heart and used my uniquely toothed Baboon grinder to grind up the test flower as finely as possible.
I packed up all six BudKups at my usual smoke spot and then went about my day without having to return to repack like I normally have to multiple times a day. I suggest using the BudKit loading station on top of a tray or piece of paper because you’ll inevitably have a little spillage. For Pax users, the alternative to the BudKup is keeping a grinder and unground flower with you or keeping a packet of the pre-ground flower with you - both of which aren’t necessarily the most stealthy of options. With BudKups, you can keep your regular pick-me-up in a tin not too dissimilar from an altoid mint tin.
The effects are much more powerful than a plain old mint, though. It all depends on what type of herb or flower you pack in there. You could even do left side sativa and right side indica. Effectiveness: 5/5 Ease of use:4.8/5 Overall score: 4.9/5 The possibilities are endless and the ability to plan ahead opens up once you have the BudKit. The worst part of using a Pax vaporizer has always been packing it - and finally, there’s a solution. For Pax users that feel the same way, the BudKit is the upgrade that you have been searching for all of these years. Use code BESTBUDS15 for an awesome 15% OFF your entire order from BudKups!