Cannaaid Black Label D8 THCP THCH Disposable Vape Review


Company Overview

CannaAid is a leading American hemp company that creates Delta 8 THC products using 100% US-grown hemp flowers. All of their products are US Farm Act of 2018 compliant, meaning that they are legally ready to ship to your door.

This brand’s wide range of products is a sure sign that they are committed to the growing audience of D8 THC users. Their product line runs the whole gamut, from edibles to distillates for vaporization.

Today I will review their Black Label D8+THCP-THCH Disposable Vape, Sour Suver Haze.

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Black Label D8 THCP THCH Disposable Vape - Sour Suver Haze


Cannaaid Black Label Disposable Vape Pen, and I'm impressed with the product. It's infused with Delta 8, THCP, and THCH, giving you a great blend of cannabinoids to enjoy in one vape pen. It has a compact design holds 2ml of liquid per pen and a micro-USB input for recharging. The glass window lets you see how much liquid is left in the pen so you know when to replace it.

The pen also has an all-in-one design, so there's no need for an additional battery unit. Instead, the pen is already charged and ready to use right out of the box. Each pen comes in a sleek single box, which helps to keep it safe and secure during shipping.

It's a small but mighty pen. To add to the addition of the cannabinoids, this particular disposable is also infused with the sativa strain, Sour Surver Haze. Sour Suver Haze Sour Suver Haze is a fantastic strain for those seeking relaxation and stress relief. As soon as you take the first hit, you will be hit with a strong aroma of sweet citrus, sour lemon, and earthy undertones that will tantalize your nose. This strain is a perfect blend of indica and sativa, creating a balanced, mentally and physically calming high.

The myrcene and caryophyllene dominant terpene profile gives Sour Suver Haze amazing sedative effects. Myrcene is known for its anti-inflammatory and muscle relaxant effects, while caryophyllene is a fantastic pain reliever and anxiety reducer. This strain is perfect for any time of day and will take away all your worries and stress. Sour Suver Haze will surely be a new favorite for those looking for the perfect balance in their cannabis experience.

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It only took a few hits to feel the effects, and I felt incredibly euphoric. Everything seemed to slow down in the best way possible. The effects lasted an hour or so, and the little pen lasted over a month. It was convenient to throw it away when it ran out.

Overall, I'm thrilled with the Cannaaid Black Label Disposable Vape Pen. It's a great product with a potent blend of cannabinoids and an all-in-one design that makes it easy to use and store. Plus, the micro-USB input for recharging makes it an excellent choice for anyone who wants to enjoy a long-lasting vaping experience. Seriously, I couldn't have asked for anything better, really great stuff.

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Cannaaid Black Label D8 THCP THCH Disposable Vape Review - Conclusion

Overall, trying the Cannaaids disposable vape pen was a great experience. I am always impressed with Cannaaids products and their commitment to their customers.

The pen was easy to use and provided a smooth and delicious hit. I highly recommend this pen to anyone looking for a convenient and enjoyable vaping experience.

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