CannaAid D8 CBN Soft Gels & D8 Taffy Review

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CannaAid has cannabis products that aid your endocannabinoid system. Read our review of the CannaAid D8 CBN soft gels and D8 taffy to see if these are the right Delta 8 edibles for you.

CannaAid Company Info

CannaAid is a leading company that turns top-quality US hemp flowers into a variety of cannabis products that are legal under the US Farm Act of 2018. CannaAid’s products are available in a variety of convenient form factors and, best of all, are formulated for specific uses. 

This brand's products are available to be shipped to your door and they are committed to offering low prices and high-quality products without any compromise.

They also pride themselves on maintaining a high level of interaction with their valued customers. Integration of the regular feedback they receive is exactly what sets CannaAid apart in this fast-growing cannabis space.

In the past, I’ve reviewed CannaAid’s Blue Razz D8 Gummies and Sour Diesel D8 Vape Cart as well as other products. This time around, they sent over their Delta 8 THC soft gels featuring CBN and their fanciest Delta 8 THC edible: Delta 8 THC taffy. I was excited to try both of these D8 products.

CannaAid Tropical Mix
CannaAid Taffy Tropical Mix

CannaAid D8 Infused Salt Water Taffy Review

The CannaAid D8 taffy comes in a black and teal bag with 100mg of D8 THC split between 10 taffies. CannaAid offers its D8 taffy in a variety of flavors.

Users can choose between the Peanut Butter Cup mix (chocolate and peanut butter) or CannaAid’s Tropical Mix (watermelon, banana, orange, and lemon). For this review, I got to try the tropical mix.

While I enjoy a savory taffy occasionally, my obsession is only properly triggered by pastel colors and fruit smells. Good thing I got to try the tropical mix. I ended up eating two taffies per day. 10mg was a great start in the morning and pick me up in the afternoon.

The taffies had a perfect consistency. I ended up chewing as opposed to sucking on it to savor the flavor. I enjoyed the taste but not as much as I enjoyed the high.

It was incredibly mellow and I felt like there was a magnet on my butt keeping me glued to the places I sat at. All in all, I’d say that CannaAid’s D8 taffies pack a lot of punch for only being 10mg each.

CannaAid D8 Soft Gels with CBN
CannaAid D8 Soft Gels with CBN

CannaAid Delta 8 + CBN Soft Gels Review

CannaAid’s D8 soft gels come in a two-pack for daily use. The soft gels feature 15mg of D8 THC and 10mg of CBN per capsule. This totals to 50mg of cannabinoids between the two capsules. The soft gels are vegan and gluten-free and just like all other CannaAid products, are third-party tested.

I took these after dinner because they’re for sleep. The first night, I took both soft gels. The next two nights, I took one per night and felt it was just as efficacious.

With the combination of D8 and CBN, I felt an accentuated high. This allowed me to drift off to sleep in a way that I haven’t when just taking CBN or CBN + full-spectrum CBD. Every time the entourage effect shows its multiplier effect, I'm amazed by my body’s endocannabinoid system.

I have a long history of trying different sleep aids. I’ve tried everything from chamomile tea to stretching before going to sleep and even a long stint with diphenhydramine hydrochloride. Over the years, nothing has been as consistently effective as CBN.

Now I know that nothing is as effective as CBN plus some D8. For my personal use at night, I have always combined CBN with D8 or D9 taken through the lungs.

CannaAid’s D8 soft gels with CBN allow me to avoid doing that to my lungs and help me have a more normal night without having to excuse myself to go to the balcony. I can see these D8 soft gels being useful for travelers and on business trips where quality sleep is incredibly important.

CannaAid D8 CBN Soft Gels & D8 Taffy Review Results

CannaAid’s Delta 8 edibles continue to impress me. Whether you’re looking for something tasty like D8 saltwater taffy or something tasteless like D8 soft gels, CannaAid has you covered.

Their other products are impressive, too! They combine lesser-known cannabinoids - like the CBN in the soft gels - with well-known cannabinoids like D8 THC to create efficacious products that are undoubtedly helping those that need cannabis for medicinal uses.

Sleep and relaxation are what they help me with - what will they help you with? Use code “d8foryou” for an awesome 15% OFF your entire order from CannaAid!