CannaAid THCV Tincture and THCV Gummies Review

CannaAid THCV Tincture and THCV Gummies

CannaAid takes pride in its top-shelf USA-made hemp products. This quality line includes cannabinoid-rich vapes, edibles, salves, and so much more. Read our review of the CannaAid THCV tincture and THCV Gummies to see if these THCV edibles are what you’re looking for.

CannaAid Company Info

CannaAid makes many different types of hemp-derived products out of 100% US-grown hemp flowers. The newest addition to their line of THCV products. All of their products are US Farm Act of 2018 compliant. That means they’re ready to ship straight to your door!

North Carolina-based CannaAid's focus is on offering quality products at low prices. They listen directly to their customers to find out what new products to stock. This level of interaction and feedback is exactly what sets CannaAid apart from the glut of new companies in the D8 space.

I’ve previously reviewed CannaAid’s Blue Razz D8 Gummies and Sour Diesel D8 Vape Cart. This time, they sent over their Blue Razz THCV gummies and THCV tincture. I’ve been curious and excited about trying these products before they even existed.

CannaAid THCV Tincture

CannaAid THCV Tincture Review

Unpacking the THCV Tincture

The CannaAid THCV Tincture comes in a 30ml glass bottle with a dropper top and contains 500mg of THCV. This brand uses MCT oil as the carrier or base. What's great is that they also add extra terpenes, including humulene, linalool, and limonene.

Trying the CannaAid's Tincture

I took a half dropper (8.8mg) of the THCV because everything I had read suggested starting low and working your way up. Within thirty minutes, I noticed that my mind was starting to alter.

I’ve always wondered what THCV would feel like when uncoupled with D9 or D8 THC. Now I know. I wouldn’t call the pure THCV experience psychoactive., but it was a brilliant pick me up and a sufficient wake and bake replacement for me in the mornings.

Hell, it replaced coffee and tea in the morning, too. The THCV’s appetite-suppressing effects made intermittent fasting much easier. Also, I felt as if my memory was on point all day.

I like to judge strains and products based on how productive they make me feel. Sometimes, even basic actions like getting up and going to the fridge become monolithic tasks that seem better delegated to future-me - not present-me. In those situations, present-me often feels like no form of delayed gratification is worth it.

Generally speaking, sativa strains leave me feeling more productive than indica strains. (We can open that can of genetic worms another time.) At any rate, my own anecdata confirms that THCV is responsible for many of the “upper” feelings that are associated with Cannabis sativa.

After sampling hundreds of strains, I'm convinced. THCV is the cannabinoid that makes me feel productive. Before, if I was lucky enough to find a product with noticeable amounts, I’d snatch up as much as I could.

The great news is that now CannaAid has a THCV tincture I can get shipped to my door. It's amazing how times are changing, and, better yet, the changes are just getting started.

CannaAid Blue Razz THCV Gummies package

CannaAid THCV Gummies Review

CannaAid's THCV Gummies arrived in a black and blue bag emblazoned with the brand's logo. The color of these THCV edibles is a close approximation of their flavor: Blue Razz. An artificial flavor, yes, but one that is familiar and frankly delicious. Each package includes 80mg of THCV split among eight 10mg gummies.

I ate a single gummy in the mornings for a week and it helped me cruise through my day. A CannaAid’s THCV gummy is a great pick-me-up. I enjoyed them much more than caffeine or other stimulants.

Combining CannaAid THCV Tincture & THCV Gummies with Other Methods

After trying both the tincture and gummies, I started experimenting more. When used alongside other cannabis products, CannaAid’s THCV products allow me to try making my favorite highs even better. I began to notice that my highs felt more sativa-dominant.

Try it for yourself! Eat a gummy first. Then, start smoking or vaping a few hours later. Sit down with your favorite computer game and see if you feel a difference in your performance and enjoyment levels like I did.

CannaAid THCV Tincture & THCV Gummies Review Results

Ingestible THCV is here and CannaAid is leading the charge. If you want faster-acting effects, I'd suggest the CannaAid tincture. With the sublingual absorption, you won’t be disappointed.

If you’re looking for stronger and sweeter tasting dosages, opt for the CannaAid THCV gummies. The Blue Razz flavor is delicious and provides a THCV edible experience that everyone that’s ever greened out before should try for contrast. Productivity-boosting cannabis has arrived. (Thank you, science.)

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