CannaDips CBD Reviews | Take a Dip Into Life


CannaDips CBD Review | Take a Dip Into Life

Using CBD on a daily basis can change your life for the better. It will improve your mood, relieve cramps, and help keep you on a better track. But when you are on the go, it can be challenging to get your daily dose of CBD. You can always vape, take an edible, or use oil but if you are trying to be discreet as well as absorb the CBD into your system quickly, it makes it a lot more challenging. But what if you could quickly pop CBD into your mouth and receive a decent dose that also offers a great flavor? If that is what you have been searching for, take a dip into life with Cannadips.

Who Are Cannadips?

Cannadips CBD is an innovative CBD and THC company who are focused on creating the perfect cannabis products. Created in 2016 and based out of Humboldt, California, Cannadips have found a way to merge the old with the new with their tobacco-free CBD and THC dip products. Cannadips says that using CBD in a pouch increases the speed of which it enters your system while being discreet and easy to use in your everyday life. Their website says, “Cannadips is shifting the paradigm of tobacco by providing a great tasting nicotine-free alternative tobacco product. Using the same methods as our cannabis product, our full spectrum hemp pouches are fast acting, discreet, and all natural. Cannadips focuses on helping other health-focused individuals. Our full spectrum hemp products are perfect for people looking for an alternative to oil tinctures or edibles, that tastes great, and has fast-acting results.” It’s great to see a company doing their best to not only give a nicotine free alternative to tobacco users but also create new and exciting products.  Here at Slyng, we love trying innovative CBD products and give you our thoughts on them. We have been lucky enough to receive some of the best products Cannadips CBD offers to review for you!

Cannadips CBD Review

We received the three original flavors of Cannadips to try out which are natural mint, tangy citrus, and full American. They are crafted using only natural and tobacco-free ingredients. Each tin contains 15 pouches with 10mg of water-dispersible CBD per pouch. Each can cost $17.99 or you can purchase the trio for $45.00. The pouches are a little smaller than a hard candy but flat, which makes them easy to manage. The instructions on the packaging say to “Insert one pouch between your cheek and gum, swallow your saliva and keep the pouch in your mouth.” While I use CBD on a daily basis I am not a tobacco user so I was very intrigued to test these out. They come in metal tins just like tobacco dip would come in and have a really cool design that is fairly modern. I think they did a great job of creating a product that is very reminiscent of tobacco dip but a healthier and safer alternative.

Cannadips CBD Tangy Citrus CBD

Their website says the Tangy Citrus flavor “features tangy bursts of sour orange and tart lemon.” When I opened the tin I could smell a sweet lemon scent that reminded me of lemon drop candies. It is fairly strong but it is pleasant. The taste is very similar to the scent. It tastes like a lemon candy but not sour more tangy like the name suggests. The flavor is nice on this one and it lasts for a while; I kept it in my mouth for 25 mins and the flavor was continuous. It made me feel a bit more relaxed. As someone who doesn’t use dip, it is a bit weird feeling a packet in my mouth. I was still able to talk and do normal activities but it is noticeable. If you have never used tobacco dip or any products that sit in the mouth it will definitely be something to get used to. While it is very different than most CBD products the flavor is great and it is an easy way to get CBD into your system discreetly. Flavor 4/5 Ease of Use 4/5 Effects 4/5

Cannadips CBD Full American CBD

Their website says the Full American “features a blend of cinnamon/chocolate with a hint of craft coffee.” Two of my favorite things in life are chocolate and coffee so I was very curious about this flavor. It smells of a mixture of cinnamon and chocolate which reminds me of fall but it’s not overwhelming which I really like. Once it is in the mouth, the main flavor is the cinnamon. The taste is very similar to big red gum but with a hint of chocolate. It’s an intense flavor that was long-lasting. The effects were subtle due to the low dosage but it offered a nice relaxed feeling. I would say this was my favorite flavor due to the boldness and uniqueness since it isn’t a traditional flavor of CBD products. Flavor 5/5 Ease of Use 5/5 Effects 5/5

Cannadips Natural Mint CBD

The website says the Natural Mint offers “a balanced mix of sweet and cool mints sensations.” I have always loved most mint flavored products, especially candy or gum so I was excited to see what this was like. This is the most intense when it comes to smell because it is a traditional wintergreen mint scent that is strong. I would say this would be the flavor closest to traditional tobacco dip. Once in the mouth, it is a very bold intense mint flavor that reminds me of the mint 5 gum. It is a very fresh taste that was stimulating. The effects, like the other two flavors, are simple yet noticeable and something you could use to get an extra dose in on the road or to help relive a little bit of tension. Flavor 5/5 Ease of Use 4/5 Effects 4/5 Even though I mostly stick to oils, I can see how some people would really enjoy using this on a regular basis. If you don’t like having to deal with a dropper or eating an edible, using a pouch would be simple. Also, it's very helpful to know the exact amount of CBD you are receiving thanks to the pouches. I also think that if someone is trying to cut out traditional tobacco dip, this would be a very helpful product. It provides you with the same packaging and experience, minus the nicotine which is damaging to the mouth. This product might also be helpful with sores in the mouth seeing as I bit my lip earlier this week and after using Cannadips, it was significantly less sore. Overall this is a fascinating product from an innovative company. If you enjoy bold flavors from your CBD or are trying to stop using tobacco products I highly recommend checking these out. For a great deal on Cannadips products, you can use code “DIPS10 ” for 10% OFF at checkout!