Focus V Carta E Rig Reviews

Focus V Carta

Carta Erig Vaporizer Reviews

Focus V sent over a Carta Erig as well as the Carta v2 Atty for me to review. I was excited because I had grown to admire the design from afar and was thrilled to be able to finally try concentrates on this pristine piece of hardware.

About Focus V

Focus V has been making electronic dab rigs, aka desktop vaporizers, for years now and have perfected their craft to bring the Carta as the new and strongest competitor in the tabletop concentrate vaporizer category. In their own words, Focus V focuses on the wow factor and the Carta Focus V is no exception. The Carta Erig is offered as a premier electric dab rig for concentrates but it can also be fitted with a dry herb atomizer which is a testament to the versatility in Focus V’s products.

The Focus V Carta E Rig

The Carta Erig comes in a beautiful seafoam green box with the brand name emblazoned in an iconic, sans serif, and white font as well as a tilted, stylistic shot of the Carta Erig vaporizer. The box is secured by a magnet and easily opens up to reveal the Carta Vape Rig comfortably tucked away in its own black carrying bag.
Focus V Carta
On the underside of the box lid, you’ll find an instructions pamphlet as well as some warranty information. When you open up the carrying bag, you find the Carta Erig vaporizer as well as a dab tool and USB-C charging cable. It’s really nice that the Carta Vape Rig features USB-C charging because most new phones and devices now use USB-C charging and this means that your phone cable can double as a vaporizer charger or vice versa.
Focus V Carta
Also in the Carta Erig carrying case are four 70% isopropyl alcohol wipes for cleaning, a glass carb cap, a silicone jar for storing concentrates, a titanium bucket and two quartz buckets. Finally, there is a silica gel desiccant to keep everything dry. The bag also has nooks and crannies that allow you to fit a handful of Q-tips. Focus V really knew what they were doing when they provided this bag with the Carta Erig. The Carta Erig itself is smooth and familiar looking. In any room, the Carta Vape Rig looks like the sleekest, most up-to-date piece of hardware because of the futuristic look that makes it look like it’s designed to be used by astronauts. One cool thing to note is the bottom has a way to replace the batteries if you want to carry extras.

Carta Erig Reviews

Operating the Carta Erig is as simple as a few button pushes. First, you need five pushes to turn it on. After the Carta Erig is on, you start the heating process by pushing the power button once. The device vibrates when it is ready so you can both feel it if you’re on the same table or you can hear it if you’re in the vicinity. For my first hit, I loaded up the quartz bucket in the concentrate atomizer with some concentrate, put the carb cap on, and tapped the fire button. Being used to long waiting times on e-nails and other e-rigs, I turned around to look at something else and was surprised to hear the rig was ready quicker than I had expected. The first hit was way fuller than I had expected because, in my experience with other electronic rigs, I’ve found a need to preheat chambers more often than not. The water filtration kept the vapor from being too harsh. After I finished the hit, I was pleasantly surprised to see no leftover residue. The efficiency of this vaporizer is very, very high and that key feature is worth the upgrade alone.
Focus V Carta
The Carta Erig is easy to maintain and utilize to its fullest potential if you want to experience the latest tech in vaporization for different types of concentrates without mixing flavors. Switching the bucket in the atomizer is as simple as waiting for the metal atomizer to cool down enough to handle, then unscrewing the concentrate atomizer and replacing the bucket inside. I switched from the provided titanium bucket to a quartz bucket for my first hits using this method. Which bucket ends up being your mainstay really depends on personal preferences and tastes. I ended up keeping the quartz bucket after trying both because I feel that the taste comes off stronger at the right temperatures. Speaking of temperatures…for hardcore dab enthusiasts, there is even an Android app in the Play Store and a side loadable iOS app that you can use to control the temperature of the quartz heating element to within 1 degree of your target temperature. Note that because the plastic top of the atomizer is reverse threaded, you need to unscrew the black plastic top clockwise instead of counter-clockwise to swap out the bucket. This is the hardest part of using the Focus V Carta Erig - and that is to say, it isn’t hard at all. All the parts of the Erig fit intuitively together and just after a few uses, I am actually fairly confident I can take the Carta Erig out of the bag, assemble it, and operate it all in the dark only using touch and haptic feedback.
  • Effectiveness: 5/5
  • Ease of use: 5/5
  • Overall score: 5/5
Whether it’s the degree-specific temperature control for the experts or the ease of use for the newbies, the Carta Erig by Focus V is truly the ultimate desktop vaporizer - and it’s mobility doesn't limit it to just one desktop! I can confidently say that the Carta Vape Rig is a great buy for beginners and pros. Use code “FOCUS15” for an awesome 15% OFF your entire order of the Carta Erig by Focus V!