CCELL Bellos Vaporizer Review

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About CCELL Bellos

CCELL’s products are produced and packaged in their 1,000 square meter facility, which houses over 260 engineers. Their high standard production facility is operated to meet ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 13485, and GMP certificate standards. After their announcement, Hamilton Devices sent over the new CCELL Bellos Vaporizer and some corresponding CCELL Bellos Pods for me to try. CCELL is a world leader when it comes to vaporizers and vaporizer batteries. The company hails from Shenzhen, China, and has become an industry standard. If you’ve hit a vape in the last decade, chances are you’ve had at least one smooth hit from a CCELL vape battery. CCELL offers everything from 510 threaded vape batteries to the new generation of pod style form factors. Whatever your preferred way of vaping, CCELL has something for you. Over the last decade, CCELL has become the gold standard when it comes to ceramic heating elements. CCELL’s ceramic coil uses a patented ceramic formula that is formed with a high-temperature manufacturing process known as sintering to end up with a ceramic coil that has way more nanoscale inlet holes than normal resulting in a better heating experience.  CCELL Company CCELL vape batteries can be found at Hamilton Devices’ web store, along with other CCELL products and top-notch vaporizer manufacturers, at competitive prices.

CCELL Bellos Vaporizer & Bellos Pods

CCELL Company
The CCELL Bellos is a sleek white and silver body that disassembles into two pieces: the Bellos body and the Bellos mouthpiece which is where the Bellos Pod goes. On the front side, you'll see the name “CCELL” emblazoned in grey/silver. On the same side, CCELL put a stealthy indicator light that lights up whenever the Bellos is firing up. The Bellos features CCELL’s coveted constant power output, which means that hits are strong and consistent from the beginning of the charge until the end. The Bellos features a sleek and petite form factor that just begs to be held. When you hold the CCELL Bellos, it isn’t visible at all. The CCELL Bellos is activated when you inhale, so there’s no need to push any buttons. The handiest Bellos feature is its haptic feedback - which lets you know when the vape is firing and exactly when it stops. The CCELL Bellos Pods come with coils featuring CCELL’s patented ceramic formula and are ready to handle a whole range of viscosities. Whether you plan to use the Bellos for vape juice or something on the stickier side, the Bellos Pod will be able to handle all of it and provide up to 25% more vapor than CCELL’s competitors.

Our CCELL Bellos Vaporizer Review

CCELL Company
To load the CCELL Bellos with a Bellos Pod, simply remove the mouthpiece and insert the filled pod into the mouthpiece, then let the CCELL magnetic attachment perfectly position the pod. I filled the Bellos Pod with vape juice and was impressed with how spill proof the pods are.
CCELL Company
To properly fill the pod, evenly distribute the juice on both sides of the coil, then put the lid of the Bellos Pod on. You will see the o-ring seal and hear a satisfying click that lets you know the pod is secure. The vape juice was crisp and clean without any hint of burnt taste from the first puff until the last puff and I plugged the Bellos vape battery to charge that night. Despite the vape battery size, I was able to go an entire day without having to recharge. The CCELL Bellos comes with a 320mah battery life, which is very large considering that the Bellos fits within the palm of your hand. I truly appreciate the fact that the Bellos can actually be completely hidden from view when being used.
  • Taste: 5/5
  • Effectiveness: 5/5
  • Ease of use: 5/5
  • Overall score: 5/5
CCELL Company
After using CCELL batteries, it isn’t hard to tell why CCELL has been the industry leaders and trendsetters for so long now. The Bellos vaporizer is no exception and between the haptic feedback for the duration of the hit as well as the small form factor, it’s no wonder that CCELL is a leader in the vaping space. I’m going to assume that everyone with a fist to their mouth is using one of these bad boys and I will raise my fist with them. Try the Bellos for a revolutionary and on the go vaping experience worth bellowing to the hills about. CCELL Use code “SLYNGCCELL” for an awesome 10% OFF your entire order from Hamilton Devices!
*maximum amount purchase is $150.00