CCELL PIKE Vaporizer

CCELL PIKE Vaporizer Review

Hamilton Devices has been expanding over the last few years and is now proud to offer CCELL’s new PIKE disposable vaporizer which features the new CCELL pod technology in disposable form. I’ve previously tried the ergonomic design of some of CCELL's 510 vaporizers such as their BELLOS Vaporizer and UNO Vaporizer and was excited to try out the PIKE disposable vaporizer battery in Black which Hamilton Devices sent over.

Authentic CCELL Supplier Hamilton Devices 

Hamilton DevicesHamilton Devices is the premier authentic CCELL distributor in the United States. They are based in Sacramento, California, and have been actively leading the vaping industry in the US since 2018. Hamilton Devices is usually known as being a provider of 510 threaded vaporizer batteries and both refillable and disposable 510 threaded vaporizer cartridges, but that was just the beginning. They are also able to provide discounts for large orders and can even provide custom packaging and additional branding options. Buyers can rest assured that all of their gear contains official CCELL technology along with American optimization and design meant to provide a streamlined vaping experience.

CCELL PIKE Vaporizer Reviews

CCELL PIKE Vaporizer
The CCELL PIKE disposable vaporizer comes fully charged with no USB charging cable included because it isn’t needed. From top to bottom, the front of this PIKE features CCELL’s brand name in vertical lettering followed by the outline of a stylized wolf and ending with a built-in LED indicator. While black is the default color, custom colors and additional branding are available. CCELL PIKE disposable vaporizer measures in at 3.6” tall, 0.91” wide, and 0.48” thick. The disposable vaporizer is the first to utilize CCELL’s new pod delivery system. The pod capacity in the CCELL PIKE is 0.5ml. The PIKE comes with 350mah of battery power, which is more than enough to go through 0.5ml of anything you’d want to vape. Disposable 510 thread vaporizers have been on the market for years, but disposable pod vaporizers are a new thing entirely. CCELL’s pods are able to handle much thicker viscosities of oil and distillate with their patented ceramic coil. What’s more, the device is inhale activated and the coil heats up instantly so there’s no need to pre-warm the vape in any way. Because the PIKE is a disposable vaporizer, there’s no going back once you fill the pod and secure the press-on mouthpiece. I made sure to fill my PIKE pod with distillate and then let it sit for about thirty minutes to allow the distillate to move from the container to the ceramic coil so I could top it off again and fit as much as possible into the pod. This was the first time I had ever had to fill and then assemble a disposable vape myself before; I was pleasantly surprised at how easy the process was.
CCELL PIKE Vaporizer
Once I put the press-on mouthpiece on the PIKE, I was ready to use the device. I took a hit and could feel vapor from the very first second of my hit. The CCELL ceramic coil accompanied by a CCELL battery is supposed to give 25% more vapor with the same distillate when compared with other brands - and I’ve found this estimate to always be true across all CCELL pods I’ve had the pleasure to try. The PIKE is just as powerful as a non-disposable CCELL pod vaporizer. Over the course of two days, I continued to hit the PIKE as my only vaporizer all the way until the 0.5ml was used up. I couldn’t open the PIKE to see visually; but as any vaper will tell you, you can tell when e-liquid, oil, or distillate is near its end. What was another pleasant surprise was the fact that the PIKE’s battery lasted all the way through. Another thing that vapers love to lament about is how often they end up needing to salvage oil or distillate from a disposable vape because the battery ran out first. Not an issue with the PIKE, and I really liked that. Overall rating:
  • Taste: 4.9/5
  • Effectiveness: 5/5
  • Ease of use: 4.8/5
  • Overall score: 4.9/5
The CCELL PIKE disposable vaporizer battery is the first disposable vape to use CCELL’s new pod technology instead of a 510 thread cartridge. The PIKE is perfect for both new users and pro users - and frankly, I’m jealous of any new user that gets to try this as their first disposable vape. It is impossible to get this type of vapor production from a regular 510 thread disposable vaporizer, and that’s what makes the PIKE so unique. Expect to see this device take the cannabis market by storm and really even the playing field between pods and cartridges. Use code “SLYNGCCELL” for an awesome 10% OFF your entire order (maximum amount purchase is $150) from Hamilton Devices!