Concentrated Concepts D8 Gummies and White Runtz Preroll Review

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Concentrated Concepts is a leading hemp company that offers a wide range of D8 THC products ranging from edibles to pre-rolls. Check out our Concentrated Concepts D8 Cotton Candy gummies and White Runtz preroll review to see if they are the right pick for your Delta 8 THC needs.

About Concentrated Concepts 

Concentrated Concepts is based in the USA. This brand offers a competitive line of Delta 8 products that are US Farm Act of 2018 compliant and can therefore be shipped to your door. If curious, users can check out Concentrated Concepts’ product lab test results via a QR code.

The range of Concentrated Concepts’ products is awe-inspiring. They carry Delta 8 products ranging from flower to vape cartridges. The brand even has shisha and lots of different flavors of gummies. Best of all, Concentrated Concepts carries D8 flower, which some companies forgo entirely due to stigma.

I’ve previously reviewed their Stoney Pebbles Delta 8 Vape Cart, their Grape Ape D8 Flower, as well as Delta 8 shatter and Delta 8 prerolls in the Zkittlez flavor. This time around, they sent over their D8 Cotton Candy gummies and White Runtz preroll. I was excited to review them all.

D8 Cotton Candy Gummies
D8 Cotton Candy Gummies

Concentrated Concepts D8 Cotton Candy Gummies Review

The Concentrated Concepts Cotton Candy D8 Gummies come in a black bag featuring a nice picture of some tie-dye cotton candy. Concentrated Concepts’ D8 gummies are available in other flavors besides cotton candy including strawberry, cheesecake, pineapple, and tutti frutti.

These D8 gummies are available in an 8-count or a 16-count, and each gummy contains 25mg of D8 THC.

Frankly speaking, cotton candy isn’t my favorite fair snack. I can think of better ways to get my sugar in than something that is inherently messy to eat.

That’s why cotton candy flavor items, such as these D8 gummies, are appealing to me. There’s something deeply delicious and childlike about eating colored sugar - just look at the crave surrounding snow cones!

Concentrated Concepts’ Cotton Candy gummies were very delicious. I prefer them to actual infused cotton candy for the messiness reasons previously discussed.

At 25mg of D8 THC, a whole gummy is perfect for a veteran edible user and a half is perfect for more amateur users. I enjoyed the taste and even more so enjoyed the almost jelly-like consistency of the gummy.

The high from these gummies was very standard, if not a little manic at the beginning because it coincided with a sugar high. Once I start eating sweets, I can’t stop. If you’re the same, make sure you have non-edible sweets to eat so you don’t end up eating a whole bag of these at the same time.

Even though I ate so much in the first two hours of the high, I ended up eating more afterward. Munchies for everyone.

White Runtz D8 Preroll
White Runtz D8 Preroll

Concentrated Concepts White Runtz D8 Preroll Review

The Concentrated Concepts White Runtz D8 Preroll comes in a plastic tube emblazoned with a branded sticker highlighting the D8 White Runtz within. All in all, this preroll contains 200mg of cannabinoids. The test results come in at around 5% Delta-8 THC and 13% CBG.

The smell is pleasant and sweet while bordering on saccharine but never crossing the line. It’s bold and unapologetic. There isn’t a white runtz in the regular candy bag so everyone knows that white runtz is a special mystery flavor or misprint. Whatever it manifests as in your head, it’s special.

For a Delta 8 pre-roll, it lit reasonably well and canoes were easily repairable. What more can you want? The joint burned evenly and wasn’t too dry. I’ve had hemp pre-rolls that were bone dry. While I’m used to this in the desert, it’s refreshing to smoke something that's at optimal humidity.

Concentrated Concepts’ White Runtz D8 flower is also available in a 5-pack of pre-rolls and just plain loose flower. These options make it so that users can enjoy D8 on their own, familiar terms.

Concentrated Concepts D8 Cotton Candy Gummies and White Runtz Preroll Review Results

Concentrated Concepts has D8 edibles and D8 pre-rolls in many different strains and flavors. Whether you want something sweet for the mouth like their Cotton Candy gummies or something sweet for the throat like their White Runtz D8 preroll, Concentrated Concepts has you covered.

These two offerings from Concentrated Concepts are great specimens from their lineup that have what it takes to get you lifted. Worth a try, in my opinion.

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