Concentrated Concepts D8 Shatter & Zkittlez Preroll Reviews

Concentrated Concepts Delta 8 Prerolls & Shatter

Concentrated Concepts' line features hemp-derived products including Delta 8 THC shatter and prerolls. Check out our Concentrated Concepts D8 Shatter and Zkittlez Preroll review to see if they are the right choice for you.

Concentrated Concepts Company Info

Concentrated Concepts is an American hemp company with a wide range of Delta 8 THC products including flower, vape cartridges, shisha for your hookah, Delta 8 shatter, and Delta 8 prerolls.

The entire line is US Farm Act of 2018 complaint and can be shipped to your door. As is now industry standard, all Concentrated Concepts’ products have a QR code to view lab results.

I’ve previously been able to try Concentrated Concepts’ Stoney Pebbles Delta 8 Vape Cart and their Grape Ape D8 Flower. This time they sent over Stoney Pebbles Delta 8 shatter and their Zkittles Delta 8 prerolls.

Concentrated Concepts Stoney Pebbles D8 Shatter

Concentrated Concepts D8 Shatter Review

Unpacking the Stoney Pebbles Delta 8 Shatter

With windowed plastic packaging that lets you see the glass vial, Concentrated Concepts' Stoney Pebbles D8 shatter is enticing from the get-go. This Delta 8 THC shatter is amber in color, with a full gram of product for you to enjoy.

Testing Out the D8 THC Shatter

I’ve tried D8 distillate before, but never D8 shatter. I used my dab tool to create a perfect little dab for me, about the size of 1-1.5 kernels of rice. I loaded it into the atomizer and hit the fire button, inhaling sweet D8 vapor.

The high hit almost instantaneously after my exhale. I spent the entire day out and about with my atomizer, a dab tool, and this D8 shatter. Let’s just say it was a lit day.

Public consumption of cannabis bought from a dispensary still isn’t technically legal in my jurisdiction. Hitting this D8 shatter sure is, though. It's also more readily available, making enjoying a nice Delta 8 high much easier.

Concentrated Concepts D8 shatter is a great, wallet-friendly replacement for the concentrates that I’d normally buy. It's perfect for use in places where the smell of flower might not be appreciated.

It’s the middle of summer right now where I live. Storing nice concentrates like this in the freezer or fridge helps maintain the flavor and consistency in the heat. This Stoney Pebbles shatter stayed fresh and easy to work even while it was cool and a little hard.

Concentrated Concepts Zkittles Prerolls

Concentrated Concepts Zkittlez Delta 8 Preroll Review

Unboxing the D8 Prerolls

The convenient metal tin that this product arrived in contains five Concentrated Concepts prerolls. With the tin closed, there’s no smell emanating from items inside.

Each Zkittlez Delta 8 preroll features a full gram of flower that tests at 20.02% cannabinoids. The top two strongest cannabinoids you'll find are CBG-A and THC-D8.

This tin opens up to reveal perfectly rolled cones with properly sized filters. I also noted that the end of each preroll wasn’t twisted but rather had been folded in to create a lip.

This technique led to one of the best light-ups I’ve ever had. Not a single second was wasted licking my fingers and applying moisture to a running, canoeing side.

Savoring Concentrated Concepts' Zkittles Prerolls

This high was definitely a D8 high and not a D9 high as the effects came on slower. When the munchies hit, they weren’t nearly as debilitating as they usually are for me.

Honestly, the high crept up on me. About an hour later, when I was watching the third video that the tube had recommended to me, I realized: “Damn, I’m thoroughly smacked.”

Did I mention that I really like the tin? There’s something janky and wasteful about cardboard cigarette boxes and even one-off plastic pre-roll containers.

When something comes in glass or metal packaging that's easily repurposed, I think that’s pretty cool for me and the environment. Due to both the presentation and effectiveness, I’ll definitely remember and recommend this product.

Concentrated Concepts D8 Shatter & Zkittles Preroll Review Results

If you’re a veteran cannabis connoisseur looking for a D8 shatter, a new user needing a reliable preroll, or anywhere in between, Concentrated Concepts has you covered.

Both Concentrated Concepts D8 Shatter and Zkittles preroll are great examples of this brand's high-quality products. But be forewarned. These D8 strains are really strong and terp-y, exactly the way I like them.

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