CRÈME by Sugar Original Hemp Cigarettes Review

hemp cigarettes

Company Overview

Based in LA, CRÈME by Sugar, has created a hemp cigarette brand that has changed the cannabis industry. They confidently claim, “Finally, hemp cigarettes that don’t taste like sh*t,” taking pride in their product and taking time to perfect the product in any way they can.

CRÈME is the ideal brand for cigarette smokers looking to kick their habit in style, yet delivers a product so flavorful and effective it can join the repertoire of any CBD fan.

Today I will be reviewing their original Hemp cigarette. As someone who has never tried hemp cigarettes, I was excited to try them and give my thoughts, as unbiased as possible.

Original Hemp Cigarettes

hemp cigarettes

Hemp cigarettes are popular for a variety of reasons. Some smokers use hemp cigarettes to help kick the habit of traditional nicotine cigarettes, while others enjoy the authenticity of the cigarette. Others, like me, appreciate being able to smoke right out of the box without having to worry about rolling or packing.

For whatever reason you chose to buy hemp cigarettes, you have to admit its a cool concept and something definitely worth trying at least once. But anyways, back to the review. I got my cigarettes in the mail and they came in a standard cardboard rectangular box with the company logo, cigarette flavor, and health information. The box is elegantly made, making you feel fancy every time you pull out the box to smoke a cigarette.

Each pack comes with 20 cigarettes and about 50mg of active hemp in each cigarette. The hemp cigarettes themselves look exactly like a standard cigarette, with the tip and the product ready to smoke. The filtered tip not only makes it taste great but it also prevents any harsh smoke so you're getting the pure hit of CBD and hemp with each drag.

To light one, you put the tip in your mouth and light the other end. I did just this and I immediately tasted the earthy, piney taste to match the sweet taste of the filter. It was a delightful taste what I definitely enjoyed throughout. I finished the cigarette in about 10 minutes, which is pretty long lasting but not overbearing. It didn't leave a lingering smell or ashy aftertaste, instead it just felt like I smoked a joint or blunt.

Throughout smoking the hemp cigarette I didn't feel much but after about 15 minutes of smoking the cigarette I felt a bit of a body high. Before I knew it I was relaxed and euphoric, ready to slump down. It was like taking some melatonin or working a long day. The slump feeling didn't completely overpower me, instead kinda lulled me to sleep.

I felt great for about an hour and I loved the feeling so much, I decided to try another cigarette to continue feeling good. Usually when I smoke more than once in a day, I feel so out of it and sometimes I don't even enjoy the high but with these hemp cigarettes, I felt great after smoking the two cigs.

I quickly became a fan of the brand Cr```````````````eme by Sugar and hemp cigarettes.

Sugar Original Hemp Cigarettes Review -Conclusion

I couldn't get enough of these cigarettes. Finished them in a week and I wanted more. I was easily able to incorporate them into my everyday life and they are just so easy to use, like smoking cigarettes without the health concerns.

No matter why you choose to switch to Hemp cigarettes, you can't go wrong with these premium hemp cigarettes by Cr`eme by Sugar. They are the leaders in this sort of product and you can't get it better anywhere else.

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