CRÈME by Sugar Vanilla Hemp Cigarettes Review

vanilla hemp cigarettes

Company Overview

Based in LA, CRÈME by Sugar, has created a hemp cigarette brand that has changed the cannabis industry. They confidently claim, “Finally, hemp cigarettes that don’t taste like sh*t,” taking pride in their product and taking time to perfect the product in any way they can.

CRÈME is the ideal brand for cigarette smokers looking to kick their habit in style, yet delivers a product so flavorful and effective it can join the repertoire of any CBD fan.

After trying their peppermint and original flavored hemp cigarettes, I was excited to try their vanilla flavored hemp cigarettes.

Vanilla Hemp Cigarettes

vanilla hemp cigarettes

After trying both hemp cigarettes, I became something of an expert on the brand and the smoking method. I was able to find a way to incorporate these to my daily life and was just as excited to smoke these as anything else I've ever tried. When I got the chance to try yet another one of their flavors, I couldn't say no to the offer.

The vanilla hemp cigarettes came in an elegant beige box with the accents to add to the elegance and the company logo. Like the other cigs, it comes in a pack of 20 and they're all filtered. Upon opening the carton, I could smell the sweet aroma of the vanilla and it didn't have any weird or stale stench of hemp.

Upon lighting the cig, I was immediately overcome with the sweet and flavorful aroma, that was made stronger with lighting it. the hemp cigarettes are long lasting, I smoked the first one in about 20 minutes, and I felt the effects gradually.

Like with CBD, I felt a bit numb and a bit of a body high but it didn't overpower me nor did it make me feel groggy. It was a clean high that I really enjoyed. The vanilla hemp cigarettes really did the job and I enjoyed my smoking experience. The sweet taste and aroma is like smoking hookah or something sweet.

I recommended it to a friend who was trying to kick the habit of cigarette smoking and after just a couple cigarettes, he said it was the best thing he's tried, even better than regular cigs. It was nice to help find something healthier and more reliable method of smoking.

Although it was pretty much catered to smokers who are trying to get rid of the tobacco habit, Creme by Sugar has made their hemp cigarettes versatile and they cater to smokers of all kinds. Whether you want something as sweet as the vanilla hemp cigarettes, or something as smooth as the peppermint flavor, you can't really go wrong with this amazing brand. It's something that has changed the way I smoke.

CRÈME by Sugar Vanilla Hemp Cigarettes Review - Conclusion

The vanilla hemp cigarettes are just the latest in tasty and efficient smoking and I can't get enough of them. I have recommended them to all my stoner friends and they all claim it's a new and welcoming experiencing.

The vanilla hemp cigarettes I tried were possibly my favorite but any other flavor you try will do the job and make you feel good while smoking. From my group of friends to the public, I can't recommend these enough.

So go out and try Creme by Sugar hemp cigarettes today. They have nothing but the best products to offer for smokers on all walks of life. Seriously go out and try them, you won't regret it.

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