Crickets and Cicada Seeds: Meet’s Premiere Flower Breeder

crickets and cicada seeds is one of the top online brokers of high-quality souvenir genetics. If you’re looking for premium strains from the best breeders in the industry, you won’t be disappointed with what they have to offer.

As part of their company philosophy, SHN believes in adhering to the highest breeding standards, promoting trait stabilization for guaranteed product quality, and prioritizing excellent customer service. One of SNH’s newest breeders, Crickets and Cicada Seeds exudes the quality SeedsHereNow aims to provide.

Crickets and Cicada Seeds

Crickets and Cicada seeds

Based in Northern California, Crickets and Cicada Seeds specializes in preserving genetics and making crosses to help the strains pass on their best traits. Their area of expertise mostly lies in strong Indica lines due to their pain relieving and relaxation properties .They only release crosses they feel represent and enhance the parents. Every cross is well tested in multiple situations to ensure stability.

One of the founders Bob Hemphill has taken his years of experience in the cannabis industry to create a brand that values honesty and only doing it the right way. “We don’t BS our process, we pride ourselves on doing it the right and honest way” Bob states. When it comes to growing and preserving genetics, Bob takes pride in his process because it’s the right way and that sets him apart from any other grower.

It all started in 1992, when Bob started experimenting and came up with a tried and true formula after years of trial and error. It’s a process he still continues today with minor alterations to ensure the best quality flower.

Throwing It Back To the 90’s

Apart from the process of preserving genetics and keeping a seed pure, Bob sets himself apart from other growers due to his commitment to Old School indica strains, keeping the bud smoked in the 90s alive for new generations to try. “Back in the day, everyone would smoke at the rock concerts,” Bob explains. “Some of my earliest memories of smoking weed come from going to these concerts” he reminisces.

 This is why he continues the tradition of preserving seeds from the 90s to bring back a nostalgia and familiarity in the strains he produces. It’s something Bob considers important and something even more important to keep the pure “bloodline” of the strain alive, with little to no crossing strains.

Commitment To the Art of Growing

Starting in 1992 with a small bag of Mexican Brick weed, Bob has long swayed away from sativas to focus on perfecting his Indica strains. “ Indica is a really good painkiller, mentally and physically, it relaxes you, it’s really strong, you don't get paranoia, just relief from pain or inflammation. To me it’s the most powerful type of cannabis there is.”

Bob is a strong advocate for Indicas and their healing and pain relief properties, due to their effectiveness and ability to work without the strong side effects of cannabis. It’s something you can smoke all day and you won’t get hit with negative side effects like paranoia or anxiety.

When asked about what sets him apart from other growers, Bob in a few words stated “Integrity, what you see is what you get”. It’s a simple statement but it’s so powerful, because it’s hard to maintain your word with all the competition in the industry.

Honesty and integrity is a common theme with Bob, who’s only goal as a breeder is his strains and seeds, he’s not looking for fame, recognition, or money, just an honest way of breeding strong indica strains, for the consumer.

Honesty & Quality

Aside from nostalgia, preserving seeds is important because it’s up to you to maintain the line of strains and you quickly become the expert in the strain and in a sense you become the parent, raising the seed from its infancy, and setting free when the seed blooms and provides the finished product.

The beauty of preserving seeds is having a sought out product that only you can provide and for Bob he has plenty of indica strains that have never even left the West Coast. Nicknamed “The Librarian” due to the fact he had a lot of good strains, Bob prides himself on “keeping the strains for all my homies, just like when I was a kid I wanted good weed around me all the time”

Bob values his relationships with other sellers because he believes that together with other breeders, he can continue his tradition of finding good genetics to preserve for his strains.

A Calling

Since starting in 1992 in his home state of Virginia, Bob has worked tirelessly to perfect his formula and through trial and error he has found his perfect method of breeding. “We’re a mom and pop shop, It’s just me and my wife” Bob proudly states, what you see is what you get with Crickets and Cicada Seeds and for Bob this is the lifestyle he prefers, not planning on retiring any time soon.

“My goal is to provide the best and purest strains”, and with over 30 years of experience, there isn’t much else he wants to do. “Keep the power to the people, who want to keep growing”, someone who prides themselves on the nostalgic aspect of the cannabis industry, Bob wants to continue to work with growers with similar values to continue to create strands that withstand the test of time.

Partnering with

“Something that really drew me to working with SeedsHereNow was their honesty”, citing how open SHN was about their process and how willing they were to maintain Bob’s unique process and only cared about seeing him continue to succeed.

“They helped me every step of the way and answered all my questions” for someone who values honesty and integrity, SHN was a match made in heaven for Bob. 

What's Next For Crickets and Cicada Seeds

When asked what advice he would give growers, Bob, a man of few words, simply said “follow your heart”. Bob is very passionate about cannabis and the industry and wants to see the industry grow. His passion and drive was very present throughout the interview and it got us excited for Crickets and Cicada Seeds.

Luckily, Bob doesn’t plan on going anywhere anytime soon. He only wants to continue to grow his brand and continue to work to provide the best quality strains with his rigorous method of preserving the seeds.

To stay updated on Crickets and Cicada Seeds, you can find them here. You can also visit their Instagram pages⁠—@cricketsandcicadaseeds for Bob’s stunning cannabis breeds and @mrbobhemphill

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