Dab Rite Pro Review


Company Overview

It all started when four ambitious minds revolutionized the dabbing industry. Bryan, Dan, Cody & John banded together to bring forth Dab Rite, an invention that stands out from the crowd! With its high-grade industrial components and expert programming, Dab Rite is here to upgrade your dabbing life.

Say goodbye to chazzed bangers and hello to perfectly heated dabs every time - no more guessing games or reheating disasters.

Today I will be reviewing their new Dab Rite Pro.

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Dab Rite Pro

dab rite pro

Sure, you could use a torch when dabbing your concentrates - if you're into fire breathing and risking 3rd-degree burns, that is. Or you could step it up safely and efficiently with a thermometer. The Dab Rite thermometer gives you ultimate control over your dab hits without worrying about overdone shatter or scorched lips.

Getting the perfect dab just became more accessible with the revolutionary Dab Rite Pro device. With just one turn, you'll be able to start seamlessly enjoying your concentrate experience with ease and convenience! The LED screen was explicitly designed to guide you through every process step, ensuring that even dabbing newbies don't get lost in all the smoky swirls of confusion.

At the same time, seasoned veterans are liberated from the hassle of constantly checking their thermometers. And here's a pro secret: no matter what size dab rig you have, this little gem will surely come in handy!

All you have to do is set your banger above the silicone sensor, wait for the LED guide light to change green, and then enjoy! With the Dab Rite, taking dabs at just the right temperature has never been easier or faster - being lowkey fiery sometimes has its advantages.

Do you feel like it's a gamble every time you try dialing in your perfect dabbing temp? Well, it doesn't have to be - enter Dab Rite. With this handy product, you can customize your dabbing experience and ensure each hit hits the right mark. Dab Rite is surprisingly well-made - better than many of the other IR heating guns floating around. If you live for the torch scene but haven't quite perfected your technique yet, consider this a tool to have handy in your dabbing arsenal.

If you're in the dabbing community, you know that precision matters. Well, say goodbye to the guesswork of getting an accurate temperature reading on your rig. With the flexible temperature reading arm, you'll get peak performance every time.

It's easy to install and comes with an adjustable sensor at the end, so no matter the angle of your rig - whether it be 45 degrees or 90 - you'll have no problem hooking it up and getting the perfect temperature readings. What's more, a convenient LED guide light lets you mean perfect accuracy is just a glance away! If you're serious about dabbing, this fantastic tool should be in your arsenal today!

Dab Rite Pro Review - Conclusion

I used to think it was a pain ranging from filling bangers and buckets with gobs of concentrate to igniting a monstrous torch each time I needed another dab — until now! This little device has revolutionized the way I dab, and let me tell you, I will never look back.

Not only is it much safer than carrying a butane-filled torch, but its simplicity has made my little at-home sessions so much better. Plus, it now smells like sweet flower instead of burning electronics. Life just got a whole lot sweeter.

Look no further than Dab Rite if you’re in the market for a dab rig thermometer. We’ve a wide selection of rigs and accessories to choose from, and our products are made with quality materials and construction.

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