Dank-Lite Baller Jar Dab Concentrate Review

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Company Overview

Dank-Lite was founded by cannabis enthusiasts that know cannabis like the back of their hands. With all of their products manufactured and grown with modern, organic practices, there is no doubt you are getting the best of the best in Dank-Lite. With their tried and true formula of extracting and harvesting, you will surely get the best quality cannabis and cannabinoids in the industry while also enjoying the many benefits of marijuana.

Today I will be reviewing their Baller Jar Dab concentrate, Golden Goat.

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Baller Jar - Golden Goat


Dabbing is a sacred form of smoking, a somewhat new and popular way to get your fill of cannabis. It’s more potent than standard flower and more effective than vaping. This is why choosing suitable strains and materials for dabbing is essential.

For this particular review, I will try a unique dab concentrate infused with Delta 8 and 10, HHC, THCO, and THCP. It also has botanical terpenes that add an excellent natural taste that adds to the flavor. You get both flavor and potency with this concentrate.

Adding a whole bunch of cannabinoids can seem overwhelming, but the addition of these cannabinoids only adds to the effectiveness of the dab. This being said, it is also best to practice caution when trying this dab concentrate for the first time.

Golden Goat is a sweet, sour, and spicy scent that is perfectly paired with a tropical fruit flavor, making it an excellent choice for any occasion. Whether you're looking to relax after a long day or get your creative juices flowing, this strain will surely provide the perfect full-body high.

Now it’s time to try it. I took out my trusty dab rig, torch, and dab tool to efficiently enjoy the dab. I noticed the concentrate was a nice, precise color, and the texture was thick and sticky, a good sign of quality material.

I decided to start slow due to the potency. I took a medium-sized dab, lit up my banger and let the dab melt, and inhaled my first hit. I was immediately blown away by the taste; it was smooth and fruity. I couldn’t believe I had taken a dab because it was so soft. 

I took another hit, and I felt the effects. It started with a nice burst of energy that gradually became an overwhelming euphoria. I was feeling good after the second hit. It didn’t slump me, but it made me happy and ready for a third dab.

After the third dab, I felt better than before. I felt the potency and the effects of the delta and HHC. This hit me a lot faster than standard dab concentrates. The high was so pure, and it felt so amazing. The effects lasted about 2-3 hours, which is unheard of for dabs.

I was blown away by this dab concentrate. It was like nothing I'd ever tried. The first hit was so intense that I couldn't help but cough uncontrollably. But, after a few minutes, I started to feel the effects of the THC, and my body started to relax. The high lasted for hours, and I felt incredibly relaxed and happy.

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Dank-Lite Baller Jar Dab - Conclusion

 So what are you waiting for? Get out there and try some Dank-Lite today! You won’t regret it. You may find your new favorite concentrate. And who knows, you might even become a Dank-Lite convert after trying this excellent product.

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