Dank-Lite THCP Disposable Vape Review

THCP disposable

Company Overview

Dank-Lite was founded by cannabis enthusiasts that know cannabis like the back of their hands. With all of their products manufactured and grown with modern, organic practices, there is no doubt you are getting the best of the best in Dank-Lite. With their tried and true formula of extracting and harvesting, you will surely get nothing but the best quality cannabis and cannabinoids in the industry while also enjoying the many benefits of marijuana.

After trying some Dank-Lite products in the past, I am excited to try their signature THCP Disposable Vape.

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THCP Disposable Vape - Sour Tangie

Disposables are great for those who value privacy when smoking and don’t want to worry about changing cartridges or constantly charging their pen. Adding THCP to this disposable packs a punch and intensifies the high tenfold.

For those who don’t know what THCP is, it's a naturally occurring cannabinoid found in cannabis and an analog of THC, the compound responsible for most cannabis psychoactivity. Researchers have found evidence suggesting that THCP may have a more pronounced impact on a cannabis strain’s psychoactivity than THC itself. This means that THC-P could potentially offer a more potent high than THC.

Sour Tangie is a popular Sativa strain well known for its uplifting and euphoric effects. The combination of both of these makes for a pretty powerful disposable. It makes me even more excited to try it out.

The THCP disposable came in a standard cardboard box with the company logo and all the additional info you need to know about the strain. It has one whole gram of Sour Tangie, so it should last you a while.

The THCP disposable is sleek and small, perfect for discreet use, and at the bottom, there is a USB port in case you need to charge it. I took my first puff and immediately tasted the signature citrusy taste of Sour Tangie. Thanks to the THCP, the effects kicked in quickly after about 2 puffs.

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Right away, I felt a surge of energy and focus, along with euphoria and motivation. I could feel the energy, like taking a shot of espresso or chugging an energy drink. The best part is the effects also lasted about 45 minutes to an hour. And I didn’t crash like I would with an energy drink or coffee.

I took a few more puffs throughout the day, which helped in many ways. Whether at work, the gym, or home watching tv, it made every experience more enjoyable. It didn’t pack a punch like I feared it would; it was a lovely calm high. I was truly blown away.

This THCP disposable is the real deal. It lasted a while; every puff I took was just as impactful as the last. I couldn't go anywhere without my little pen. Whether at work or out with friends, I always had my pen close by, ready to take a few puffs when I needed a pick-me-up. And unlike some other pens on the market, this one tasted good. I admire the THCP disposable craftsmanship and the strain's potency.

Dank-Lite THCP Disposable Vape Review - Conclusion

If you’re looking for a fantastic smoking experience, look no further than Dank Lite. I have tried their products, and they are incredible, not to mention they continue to gain my trust. So, if you want to try something new and exciting, head to their website today and see all the fuss!
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