Delta 8 Living Mixed Berry Shot, Grape Shot, Cherry Shot Review

Delta 8 Living shots

CBD Living Company Overview

Starting with CBD in 2013, CBD Living created a unique process of using nanotechnology to reduce CBD molecules into nano-sized droplets, without the addition of emulsifiers.

This allows CBD to be absorbed into the body easily and increases the efficacy of the CBD by increasing its bioavailability up to 90 percent, delivering CBD directly to the CB1 and CB2 receptors of the body’s endocannabinoid system.

Today, CBD Living products stock the shelves in dispensaries and smoke shops around the US and they have extended past just CBD.

Today I will be reviewing the Delta 8 Living shots, the mixed berry, cherry, and grape flavored shots.

Mixed Berry Shot

delta 8 living

If you read my last review on the Delta 8 Living drinks, you'll know that I was a little bit skeptical about trying a Delta 8 drink. Obviously the drinks eased my thoughts and I was much more excited to try the shots.

Like the drinks, the shots come in transparent plastic bottles and the Delta 8 Living logo in the front. The shots however come in small, 2 fl oz containers, each with about 20Mg of Delta 8.

To start off with the mixed berry shot, I prepared a vodka drink and poured half the shot (about 15 Mgs) in the drink. I was worried that the smell would be to mediciney but it was a fresh and fruity smell, like you just picked a bunch of berries and are smelling them.

The smell isn't overpowering and the drink was strong enough to change the cocktail into a cool purpleish color.

I took my firs sip and I was amazed how refreshing it was. I didn't even taste the alcohol, just the berries. It was like a capri sun with Delta 8.

I felt the effects in about 45 minutes. At first I felt a sort of head high but as time went on, the high gradually spread throughout my body and I was able to feel a body high in under 2 hours.

It wasn't overpowering like other edibles, the high slowly creeped in until I wasn't able to feel anything else.

Cherry Shot

The next shot I took was the cherry. To avoid getting intoxicated and high, I took the cherry shot on a separate day, still with vodka.

Cherry is one of my favorite fruits so I was extra excited to try this shot. The Delta 8 Living Cherry shot smelled like a fresh car freshener, the Cherry definitely hits the spot if you're a swee tooth.

And like their other products, each shot is vegan and GMO-free and features their water soluble technology that helps the Delta 8 hit your system faster.

I mixed about 15Mg of the shot with my vodka and I took a sip. If you've ever had the cherry Capri sun, it tastes just like it. I was so amazed by how refreshing it was that I finished the shot in one sitting.

Afterwards I felt buzzed and it wasn't from the vodka, I felt a stronger high and it felt good, not too dizzying.

Grape Shot

The third flavor I tried from the Delta 8 Living shots was the grape flavor. Up until this point I had loved everything Delta 8 Living has had to offer so I was extra excited to try this.

The grape flavor added a sweet taste to my cocktail and since I had never really tried a grape cocktail before, I wasn't sure what to expect. But I was still blown away by the flavor. It's so tasty and so pure, Its a wonder that this is actually good for you.

I took it before my workout and it didn't disrupt anything, if anything it helped me reach a new potential without the usual aches and pains I get with working out.

Delta 8 Living Mixed Berry Shot, Grape Shot, Cherry Shot Review - Conclusion

The shots, like the drinks or anything else Delta 8 Living has to offer, were amazing. I hate alcohol but adding these to my vodka really changed how I do cocktails. If you want to try it with anything else go ahead!

Seriously, these are great and would 1000% recommend these for anyone who wants a new way to consume Delta 8.

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