Delta Alternatives Lemon Pound Cake Delta 8 Distillate Dripper

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Delta Alternatives Company Overview

Founded in beautiful Rogue Valley Oregon, Delta Alternatives’ specialty lies in extraction and processing. They make the most of THC and Delta products, creating smokable and edible products for you to enjoy and flourish in the benefits of the marijuana plant.

Since 2016, Delta Alternatives has perfected their craft in extraction and have been one of the top names in edible and delta 8 production. Which is why I’m curious and pumped to try out their products.

Today I will be reviewing the Lemon Pound Cake Delta 8 Distillate Dripper. I recently got into baking my own edibles and have used Delta Alternatives products for it so I felt good using the distillate dripper.

If you're curious about other ways to make your edibles with Delta Alternatives products, check out our blog post on the Happy Honey Delta 8 Infused Honey here.

Lemon Pound Cake Delta 8 Distillate Dripper

For those that don't know, distillate drippers can be used for a variety of things, from filling up your pen cartridges, to dabbing, and even infusing your favorite treats with some Delta 8. It's versatility is what drew me to trying out these drippers and the fact they were made by a reputable brand that specializes in extracting, my mind was even more at ease.

The distillate dripper came in standard packaging, sealed tight with the logo and additional information. The terpene came in a syringe with a needle for extra precision when filling or infusing.

Since I had already tried my hand and succeeded with the honey spice bread, I decided to infuse chocolate chip cookies with the dripper. In addition to high levels of cannabinoids, a big reason cannabis users are baking with distillate is due to the concentrate’s versatility.

Unlike cannabis infused butter, which can often have remnants of plant matter, cannabis distillate is purely composed of cannabinoids, meaning you have a lot more control over the dose you add to cookie batter or drip on a batch as it cools.

To bake cookies with the distillate, you bake exactly how you would with normal cookies, with one additional step. To properly get the best out of your delta 8 distillate dripper, you must measure to see how much you need. In this case I have about 1mL of the distillate dripper available so I used all of it to make my cookies.

I poured it all into warm water so it dilutes and is easier to infuse into my ingredients. After that, I made my cookies and baked them, which took about an hour in total.

After waiting for the cookies to cool down, I decided to try one doing my favorite thing, watching movies. I turned on a comedy and waited for the effects to kick in.

Usually edibles hit me in about 20-30 minutes but with this, it was a little bit of a slow burn that gradually increased as time went on. I started to feel the effects after about an hour.

At the hour mark, I started feeling a head high that slowly went through my whole body and before I knew it, the Delta 8 had smacked me. I laughed, I cried, I enjoyed the movie 10X more then I usually would thanks to my cookies.

Delta 8 and the purity of it when it comes in a concentrate dripper makes for a great time and a good high. I felt the highs and didn't suffer any lows.

I even ordered a new distillate dripper and used it to fill up my cartridge so I could enjoy the high a little longer.

The lemon poundcake flavor didn't do anything but make me enjoy my cookies more, I didn't have any weird aftertaste, in fact I barely tasted the concentrate when I ate out of my cookie.

Delta Alternatives Lemon Pound Cake Delta 8 Distillate Dripper - Conclusion

I thought making my own edibles was going to be a lot of trial and error but Delta Alternatives has made it so easy for me to make my own edibles and enjoy the benefits of Delta 8.

Since starting on this baking journey, I really want to try it even more and try new things, but I will only be using Delta Alternatives to mix or replace ingredients.

Not only are they reliable but they put my mind at ease with their expertise in all things cannabis related.

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