Delta Alternatives Delta 8 Tincture Unflavored Olive Oil Review

olive oil

Company Overview

Founded in beautiful Rogue Valley Oregon, Delta Alternatives’ specialty lies in extraction and processing. They make the most of THC and Delta products, creating smokable and edible products for you to enjoy and flourish in the benefits of the marijuana plant.

Since 2016, Delta Alternatives has perfected their craft in extraction and have been one of the top names in edible and delta 8 production.

Today I am going to try their unflavored Delta 8 tincture olive oil. I have tried Delta alternatives tinctures in the past to add to my meals or add in as a flavor, so I was anxious to try this unflavored olive oil.

Delta 8 Tincture Unflavored Olive Oil

olive oil

For those new to tinctures, they are basically concentrated distillate filled with cannabinoids that can have the same psychoactive properties as THC, as well as the relief. Most tinctures will have droppers for you to use and determine how you put on.

Tinctures can be used as substitutes for cooking or can be taken with a few drops on the tongue for the effects. In my case, I am adding the flavorless olive oil tincture to my salad. Since it is flavorless and easy to use, I felt this was the best way to feel the effects.

The olive oil tincture came in a small glass container with a dropper to measure the amount. The bottle itself has about 30mL of tincture and has THC, CBD, and of course Delta 8.

The cool thing about tinctures is that you can basically add them to anything to feel the effects and the flavor won't be compromised by the tincture. It just adds a bit of kick to your favorite meals.

I started off by adding about 5mL into my salad along with the dressing. Since it was flavorless, I felt I could add the dressing without it being compromised by any additional flavors. I enjoyed my salad and I didn't get any weird aftertaste from the olive oil tincture.

I didn't feel anything for the first hour so I decided to make myself some avocado toast and added some more olive oil tincture, another 5mL. After about 30 more minutes I started to feel a little body high and a minor head buzz. This lasted me about 3 hours before the effects started to wear off.

When it wore off, I definitely felt a change in mood, like I was falling back into reality after having an amazing dream. I wanted more of the olive oil tincture and the feeling it brought.

Who knew a little olive oil could make you feel good. I was surprised how I felt and how long lasting it was. It was definitely something I would try again. I have so many other recipes to try.

Delta Alternatives Delta 8 Tincture Unflavored Olive Oil Review - Final Thoughts

I was really impressed by the potency of this small bottle. With just a few drops off Delta 8 olive oil tincture. I was also reallay surprised how many recipes contain olive oil so I could try to add a little fun kick to everyday meals.

You can definitely say I ordered more after my amazing experience. Seriously, you would've thought I was a professional chef after all the things I made just to try the olive oil tincture on. I highly recommend it if you're ready to add a fun twist to your everyday foods.

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