Delta Alternatives Delta 8 Vape Cartridges 510 Pen Battery Review

Delta alternatives

Company Overview

Founded in beautiful Rogue Valley, Oregon, Delta Alternatives’ specialty lies in extraction and processing. They make the most of THC and Delta products, creating smokable and edible products for you to enjoy and flourish in the benefits of the marijuana plant.

Since 2016, Delta Alternatives has perfected its craft in extraction and have been one of the top names in edible and delta 8 production. This is why I’m curious and pumped to try out their products.

Today I will be reviewing two of their Delta 8 vape cartridge strains, Oregon Diesel and Sage and Sour. I will also be reviewing their 510 pen battery.

Delta 8 Sativa Vape Cartridge - Sage & Sour

Delta Alternatives

I think the idea of a starter kit is impressive, like getting a sample size of the fantastic things Delta Alternatives can provide. The little starter kit comes with a 510 pen battery, two vape cartridges, a Sativa, and an Indica. I decided to try the Sativa cartridge first with the 510 pen battery.

For those that have never tried Sage and Sour, it's made by combining Sour Diesel and Sage to make an earthy strain that uplifts and energizes you. The combo of the two gives a great flavor and a mellow high that gives you some euphoria throughout the day. I had never tried it in vape form, so I was excited to try it first.

I turned the pen on with a couple of clicks and easily screwed on the cartridge. I left the pen in its original setting, which seemed to do the job. I took my first puff and was surprised by how strong the pen was, making for some potent clouds.

The flavor of Sage & Sour rocked my world. It had an excellent earthy taste and only took about three puffs to feel the effects. It gave me a good, energized feeling while helping me stay focused, it wasn't like other strains that slump me or cloud my judgment; it was the complete opposite.

The addition of CDT (cannabis-derived terpenes ) was very noticeable, and I was anxious to try the next flavor.

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Delta 8 Indica Vape Cartridge - Oregon Diesel

The next strain I decided to try was the Oregon Diesel. Oregon Diesel is made with NYC diesel and Blackberry strains to create a mellow, Indica strain that is perfect for insomnia, aches, or any minor pain. I decided to wait about a week after going through the Sage & Sour strain and took this when I was getting ready for bed.

Oregon Diesel was perfected; after years of experimenting, they come up with a clear-minded yet potent Indica strain that is perfect for a lazy afternoon. I took my first few puffs and immediately felt the flavor, which was great. Like the other vape cart, I felt the effects after about three puffs for about an hour.

It was an excellent high that helped me fall asleep and stay asleep while helping with my everyday aches and pains. It is just as good as painkillers without the nasty side effects.

510 Pen Battery

The last thing I decided to review was the 510 battery, which I had been using for my review on the vape cartridges. The pen battery was sleek and elegant, easy to use and hold. To change the settings, just press the button and play around with it until you get your desired settings.

It fits into my pocket easily, and it lasted me at least 10 days before I had to recharge, which only took about 30 minutes or so. It's a good pen for a starter pack or for any user that enjoys vaping. I really can't say anything bad about any of these Delta Alternatives products.

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Delta Alternatives Delta 8 Vape Cartridges 510 Pen Battery Review - Conclusion

The Delta Alternatives starter pack is a great way to get vaping. They’re easy to use and provide a unique vaping experience for beginners and professionals alike. If you want to try delta alternatives today, we have a wide variety of products that will suit your needs. We know you won’t be disappointed with the results.

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