Delta Alternatives Ghost Train Haze Delta 8 Vape Cartridge Review

Delta 8 Vape carts

Delta Alternatives Company Overview

Founded in beautiful Rogue Valley Oregon, Delta Alternatives’ specialty lies in extraction and processing. They make the most of THC and Delta products, creating smokable and edible products for you to enjoy and flourish in the benefits of the marijuana plant.

Since 2016, Delta Alternatives has perfected their craft in extraction and have been one of the top names in edible and delta 8 production. Which is why i’m curious and pumped to try out their products.

As someone who regularly reviews vape carts and smokes regularly, I felt ver honored to be asked to review one of Delta Alternatives' best selling Ghost Train Haze Delta 8 Vape Cartridge.

Ghost Train Haze Delta 8 Vape Cartridge

delta 8 vape cartridge

For those that don't know vape cartridges are the piece that attaches to a vape battery and contains all the concentrate you vape. Most vape cartridges, including the one we're reviewing today, have a 510 thread you screw on to the vape battery.

The reason I was anxious to try the vape cart was because it was Delta 8, which is a cannabinoid of THC that lessens the side effects of marijuana, things like paranoia, anxiety, hallucinations, etc. It is often referred to as "Diet weed" because of the less potent properties and the calming nature of the cannabinoid.

Ghost Train Haze is a well known sativa strain that is known for its calming properties if taken lightly, and if taken in large quantities is guaranteed to take you out.

With the Delta 8 aspect of the cart, I felt more comfortable trying Ghost Train Haze and I felt better about trying the Delta 8 vape cartridge during the day.

The packaging of the Ghost Train Haze cart is pretty standard, a plastic container with cardboard containing all the info you need to know before trying the cart, along with the company logo. It is a one gram cart with clear, liquidy concentrate.

Screwing it on was easy, just like any other cart. I decided to start off with 1-2 hits and then one big one like I usually do when I hit pens to feel the effects quickly.

I expected a citrusy taste like I usually do when I smoke the flower but I got a more sour and sweet flavor. It was still pleasant and the floral aroma made it taste better as well.

After about three minutes I was feeling the effects of the delta 8 vape cartridge, starting with a head buzz. Gradually I started to feel a little more euphoric and upbeat so I definitely felt the Delta 8.

The effects lasted about 10-15 minutes and the effects didn't overwhelm me, I took a few more puffs throughout the day and I never felt anything bad, on the contrary the effects were minor but present.

Overall I really enjoyed vape cart, I really appreciate how minor the effects were and how it never got too overwhelming, I think it's a good strain for beginners or those that appreciate a little buzz to unwind after a long day or to calm the nerves before a big event.

Delta Alternatives Ghost Train Haze Delta 8 Vape Cartridge Review - Conclusion

This Delta 8 Vape Cartridge really made me appreciate vape pens even more, getting me just the right amount of buzz without slumping me or making me feel jumpy. It checked all the boxes when it came to quality strains, I would definitely try this again.

I can't say enough great things about this strain, or this brand, Delta Alternatives and Rogue River Labs really know how to extract and create some of the best concentrates in the market.

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