Delta Alternatives THC-O & Delta 9 Mixed Gummies Review

Mixed gummies

Delta Alternatives Company Overview

Founded in beautiful Rogue Valley Oregon, Delta Alternatives’ specialty lies in extraction and processing. They make the most of THC and Delta products, creating smokable and edible products for you to enjoy and flourish in the benefits of the marijuana plant.

Since 2016, Delta Alternatives has perfected their craft in extraction and have been one of the top names in edible and delta 8 production. Which is why i’m curious and pumped to try out their products.

I went from baking my own edibles (read my other Delta Alternative Reviews here) to tasting some of Delta alternatives's delicious mixed gummies.

Today I am trying the Delta 9 and the THC-O mixed gummies.

Delta 9 Mixed Gummies

Whenever I take any type of edible or gummy, I always try to free up my day because of how long edibles take to hit and how potent they may be. I freed up my afternoon to take these and made sure I wasn't going anywhere to drive or go out of my house.

I was excited to try Delta 9, because of all its great properties. For those that have never heard or tried this cannabinoid, delta 9 is a more potent and heavy hitting version of Delta 8, with double the effect. Delta 9 is mainly used for those that enjoy the hallucinogenic properties of cannabis as well as the inflammation relief.

Gummies are my preferred method of edibles because of the refreshing and sweet flavors, like eating candy that gets you high. The mixed gummies came in a standard plastic container with a wood-like lid. The signature Rogue River Labs logo and all the additional nutritional info you will need.

The container has 20 cube shaped gummies, about eight mgs of Delta 9 in each gummy, making it potent but not overwhelmingly potent.

I took my first gummy and right away I tasted the tropical fruity flavor, splashing in my taster buds. It was delicious, I didn't get any unpleasant aftertaste or the slightest hint of THC from these mixed gummies.

I started feeling effects about 25 minutes after taking one gummy, starting with a body high and an uplifting wave over me. I felt good, like I was weightless, floating in the middle of the universe.

It didn't hit me immediately, but gradually, like a nice calming wave swaying. I felt a little numb but thats usually expected from Delta 9 and I didn't expect any different from these mixed gummies.

Overall, I got my fair share of Delta 9 and was really pleased by the results. I didn't feel slumped or tired, but just a little fuzzy, in the best way possible.

THC-O Mixed Gummies

mixed gummies

Next I started to try the THC-O mixed gummies. Like Delta 9, THC-O is a popular and newly discovered cannabinoid, expect THC-O is not naturally found in the marijuana plant but instead created. This makes THC-O more potent then standard THC, about three times as much.

With THC-O its best to be a bit more careful since it is more potent then Delta 9 and ingesting too much can leave to serious hallucinations or extreme paranoia. Like all controlled substances, it's not harmful if taken in moderation.

The the Delta 9 mixed gummies, the THC-O gummies came in a plastic container with a wood-like top cover and the logo and nutritional information.

The THC-O mixed gummies come with 20 gummies, each with 25 mg of THC-O. I contemplated cutting one in half, but decided to risk it by taking the whole gummy in one sitting.

I took the first bite of the mxied gummy is it was also amazing. This time I did taste a little bit of the THC but it wasn't overwhelming nor was it too much for me. 25mg is about the ideal amount to take, the effects hit me in about 15 minutes.

I started feeling a little more focused and sharp. I let the THC-O take control of me and in turn I played some of the most intense video games I everf have. The colors looked more vibrant, time slowed down a bit, and I was just feeling on top of the world playing the same games I always do.

The effects lasted about 2-3 hours, and they lasted throughout the whole time, I felt good and focused the entire three hours.

It's a lot stronger then standard edibles so tread lightly but when taken in moderation, it can make the most mundane things appear amazing.

Delta Alternatives THC-O & Delta 9 Mixed Gummies Review - Conclusion

These mixed gummies really changed the way I looked at edibles and appreciated cannabinoids. Delta Alternatives has done it again with these mixed mummies and I highly recommend you all try them.

Delta alternatives has gummies in all sorts of flavors, infused with some of the best and most potent cannabinoids so your effects can be intensified. But don't take our word for it, try these out for yourself.

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