Diesel Hemp Delta 8 Flower + Premium Hemp Flower Review


Company Overview

With over 37 years of experience and counting, Diesel Hemp has been at the forefront of the cannabis game. With a passionate crew and zero investors, they’re making waves in the hemp industry with their quality products, and they don’t just talk the talk but walk the walk.

Their team of professionals has developed a keen eye for expectations, which is why you know that when you go with Diesel Hemp, you're getting top-notch stuff every time!

Today I am excited to try their Premium Hemp Flower, Delta 8 Flower, Garlic Breath, and Strawberry Diesel.

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Delta 8 Flower - Garlic Breath

Diesel Hemp

I am a huge flower guy. It may be a bit old school nowadays with all the dabs, vapes, and edibles coming out, but flower will always be my favorite way to enjoy cannabis. I'm picky about the stuff I smoke, the brands I buy from, and how the flower is grown. When I heard about Diesel Hemp and researched the brand, I was surprised to see they checked all my boxes as far as flower goes.

To see if this brand is as good as they say they are, I tried their Delta 8 flower and Premium Hemp Flower and got one of their more popular strains.

First, I decided to go with their Delta 8 flower. For those that don't know, Delta 8 is a cannabinoid extracted from cannabis, said to produce a mild high versus its Delta 9 counterpart. This means you will experience all the benefits of cannabis, without all the nasty side effects, like anxiety or paranoia.

Garlic Breath is a unique hybrid strain that features a pungent, savory garlic aroma with a hint of spice, making it ideal for those looking to transform their taste buds into an aromatic adventure. You might have some breath issues afterward, but it's worth it when you experience its calming effects throughout your body. This is an excellent strain for medical marijuana patients and may help relieve symptoms associated with insomnia, stress, and depression.

I took the bud out of the bag, and the smell immediately hit my nostrils, making my mouth water. The buds were plump and sticky, with a nice color. I ground the bud and rolled it into a joint to enjoy the benefits gradually.

I sparked up, inhaled my first hit, and WOW. I could taste the Garlic Breath; it was much smoother than I expected. Before long, I felt a nice, slow buzz that slowly put me into a happy and giddy mood. I couldn't get enough of this strain. A great start to my review.

Delta 8 Flower - Strawberry Diesel

The next strain I tried was the Strawberry Diesel. Like the last strain, this was infused with Delta 8 flower and came in similar packaging. Strawberry Diesel is a great strain if you need to get energized and motivated but don’t want the jitters associated with too much caffeine.

It’s like a relaxing yet energizing spa day for your mind and body. With its well-balanced effects, this strain can be used daily and at night to tackle any task you have on the agenda, from cleaning the kitchen to answering emails late into the night.

The addition of Delta 8 only enhances these fantastic traits of the strain. Like the last strain, I ground up the bud and rolled it into a joint. The buds on the Strawberry Diesel were a darker color, and they were also plump.

I took my first hit upon sparking and once again got an amazingly smooth and flavorful hit. This time it was a fruity, sweet taste. With this strain, I felt the energizing and muscle-soothing effects, so it's safe to say this is something I will take after a long day of work.

Diesel Hemp has done it again.

Hemp Flower - Garlic Breath

Now we try the Premium Hemp Flower. The key difference between a standard THC flower and a CBD flower is that a CBD flower won't necessarily get you high; it is more of a relaxing high meant to soothe aches and pains without any hallucinogenic effects.

Diesel Hemp has put a lot of care into these strains and has carefully crafted them to benefit those who need natural remedies for their aches and pains. I tried the same two strains as Delta 8 to see the critical difference more clearly.

The first strain I tried was Garlic Breath. As always, I ground it up and rolled it, always surprised by the quality of the flower. I sparked and inhaled my first hit, and Diesel Hemp impressed me again. It didn't take long to start feeling relaxed and mellow I felt it before I was halfway done with the joint.

Another great strain; I can see why medical marijuana patients rave about CBD flower.

Hemp Flower - Strawberry Diesel

The final strain I decided to try was the Strawberry Diesel Hemp Flower. Like the other strains, I was impressed by the quality of the flower, and I had no problem grinding and rolling. I sparked and inhaled, and I couldn't believe it. 4/4 I couldn't tell you which one I liked the most.

This strain had power effects, great flavor, and an overall good time. It helped me sleep and relieve my aching muscles; I can't recommend it enough.

Diesel Hemp Delta 8 Flower + Premium Hemp Flower Review - Conclusion

Diesel Hemp has done it again with this fantastic cannabis flower. Everything I tried today was absolutely fire. If you haven’t had a chance to try Diesel Hemp yet, now is the time.

Not only will you get an incredible high, but you can also take 30% off your next order when you use 30DIESEL at checkout. So what are you waiting for? Get out there and find some Bud today!