Discount E-Nails Crossing Core Portable E-Rig Review Crossing Core Portable E-Rig

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Discount E-Nails is a powerful new entrant to the wider vaporizer industry with a wide catalog of products sure to satisfy anyone's shopping needs. Besides the eponymous e-nails, Discount E-Nails also has standalone E-Rigs or E-Rig Kits and even items such as Rosin Press Kits.

What’s great about Discount E-Nails is that they’re based in the United States and all of their products are, too. This means that shipping is fast and discreet -- and you won’t be waiting for your item to make it through customs. Best of all, it's easy to order worry-free because all items sold by Discount E-Nails come with a limited warranty. (Even better, use code "DAB710" for an awesome 10% OFF your entire order.)

Discount E-Nails sent over the Crossing Core Portable E-Rig Kit for me to try out. I’m always excited to christen new glass, so let's get to it!

Crossing Core Portable E-Rig Review

The Crossing Core Portable E-Rig Kit comes in a black and red box featuring a white outline of the device on the front. Unfolding the box reveals the E-Rig’s carrying case with the Core E-Rig and all the accessories you’ll ever need tucked away inside. In terms of the Kit, the case includes alcohol pads and Q-tips for cleaning, a dab tool and a silicone container, a glass carb cap and accompanying silicone lanyard for attachment, extra o-rings, and, of course, a charger and charging USB-C charging cable. Crossing Core Portable E-Rig

Also included in the Core Portable E-Rig Kit are a pre-installed triple titanium with black ceramic coil, a titanium bucket coil, and a quartz bucket coil. All this gets heated by a massive 3000mah battery that can last you the whole day. The E-Rig itself even comes with a silicone cover for the bottom so you can still pick up the E-Rig when the battery gets hot from use.

Changing out the coils is easy, and I swapped the ceramic coil for the quartz bucket so I could better compare my dab to a non-electric blowtorch setup. I then filled up the Core with about a centimeter of water, which was the max I was comfortable adding without splashing my lips when I pull too hard. Crossing Core Portable E-Rig

The vapor was perfectly smooth and completely cool thanks to the water filtration. I still got a delicious taste and used the carb cap to make sure that no concentrate was left unvaporized. Afterwards, there was hardly any residue and a quick swab of the Q-tip left the rig ready for another dab.

Compared with dabbing the traditional way without an analog heated nail, the combination of the preheating cycle and the haptic feedback means that the rig tells you exactly when to drop the concentrate in the bucket. There’s no chance of missing that perfect temperature window and best of all there’s no guilt of damaging the environment with combustibles.

The Crossing Core Portable E-Rig adds water filtration and portability to your dabbing experience. The 3000mah battery and the carrying case mean that this E-Rig is ready to join you for adventures. Using electricity in this way feels high tech and modern, stylish and minimalistic.

Taste: 5/5
Effectiveness: 5/5
Ease of use: 5/5
Overall score: 5/5

Where to Buy Crossing Core Portable E-Rig Online

The Crossing Core Portable E-Rig Kit is a great example of the type of products that can be found at This E-Rig Kit gives you water filtration, quality coils and buckets -- all the accessories needed to keep the E-Rig in tip-top shape, all at a great price. If you’ve been searching for a new desktop bubbler or seeking to make the jump from propane/butane/propylene to electric, check out the Core today.

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