Divine Tribe v5 Rebuildable Concentrate Heater Review


Company Overview

Based in Humboldt, CA, Divine Tribe is a small company run by vaping professionals and perfectionists who work carefully to craft the best vapes, atomizers, vaporizers, and smoking products. They have created a community of like-minded individuals and vaping connoisseurs to boast a large following.

Today I will review this fantastic smoking accessory, the v5 Rebuildable Concentrate Heater.

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Rebuildable Concentrate Heater


Having already tried some Divine Tribe products, I had little worry about trying out this concentrate heater and was very eager to try it out. For those that don't know what a concentrate heater is, it's a way to conserve and experience concentrates. You can easily control airflow and heat with one of these bad boys and intensify your vaping experience.

I'm not a frequent vaper, so I don't know much about this sort of thing, but I do good craftsmanship; better yet, I know good unique craftsmanship, like this v5 concentration heater. The installation process was simple to use; always keep your orings clean and lubed with a veg oil of your choice. This allows for the top to come on and off easier.

Place a small amount (2-5 hits max) of concentrate into the ceramic cup. Keep the unit upright through the whole session, do not tip or concentrate will pour out of the cup. Press the button on the mod to start heating the cup, and allow concentrates to boil and vaporize. Now draw slowly; this will allow maximum vapor and conserve concentrates in the cup from splashing out. Be sure to maintain heat in the cup, producing vapor throughout the session. Sessions should be no longer than 1 minute. Keep temperatures low enough to burn concentrates to prevent damage or injury.

The v5 rebuildable concentrate heater is one of the most amazing units on the market. Each part can be replaced, and the whole unit can be rebuilt. This means there is no need to throw out the whole assembly if one part breaks. We designed this with eco-friendly concepts, and we are confident you will love it.

The v5 side and bottom heated ceramic cup with vortex airflow can be temperature controlled. This is the most effective way to conserve and experience concentrates by allowing maximum vapor at the lowest temps. We know that you will be impressed with this unit, and we hope you will tell all of your friends about it. Thank you for considering the v5 rebuildable concentrate heater.

All in all, it made my vaping experience great, I was able to taste the concentrates like never before, and I was able to enjoy my vaping experience. Who would've thought something so small could make such a huge difference? It's easy to use, fits on just about any traditional vape, and works like a charm. Just clean it after every use, and you're golden.

Divine Tribe v5 Rebuildable Concentrate Heater Review - Conclusion

If you’re looking for a truly unique vaping experience, we highly recommend giving Divine Tribe products a try. With our exclusive designs and top-quality materials, you won’t find anything like them anywhere else.

Visit their website today to check out our latest collections and see why vaping with Divine Tribe is so special. Thanks for reading, and we hope you enjoy trying out the v5 or any other of their products!

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