DynaVap The M Review

DynaVap The M Review

DynaVap has been a force in the battery-free vaporizer industry - holding multiple patents and maintaining a diverse line of products. Their devices, formally called thermal extraction devices, allow cannabis users to be free of electricity or a battery that dies while still enjoying top-notch vaporization. Continue reading this DynaVap The M Review to see why it is the latest in the vaping industry.

DynaVap continually iterates on their design based on market feedback and rigorous internal testing. They are always on the search for a better vaping experience and it’s clear to see that they understand the dynamic nature of the cannabis industry. Whatever it is you’re going to put in the DynaVap, rest assured that the device is top quality.

For this review, DynaVap sent over their “M Series” battery-free thermal extraction device for me to review. I am right on the cusp of preferring vaping to combustion so suffice to say I was excited to try this little guy out.

DynaVap The M Review

DynaVap “The M Series” Review

The DynaVap The “M” comes in a cardboard folder that is covered in equal parts branding and warnings. The warning is simple: Heated Metal Will Burn. That’s a feature, not a flaw. We need that heat to vaporize the flower that will be put in the adjust-a-bowl extraction chamber.

I loaded up a pinch of ground nug and clicked the lid on. I took the provided torch and held the torch an inch or two below the captive cap. You have to rotate the device while it’s being heated to provide even heating.

What you’re waiting for at this crucial step is the sound of a click. It took me a few tries to hear the click over the sound of the torch but once I did, I was able to pick it out easily every time thereafter.

Once you hear that click, it’s vape time. The vapor that came out the other end was not hot at all and was oh so tasty. I soon started to get a feel for how much heat was needed to get how much browning on my flower. The more you put in there, the better; however, I was able to get really nice hits with just a pinch, too.

DynaVap The M Review

DynaVap has a DynaCoil - which is an additional adapter for those that want to switch it up and put full melt concentrates in the “M Series” to vape. I didn’t try that, but I can see it working well.

DynaVap sells the “M Series” alongside Cyclone triple flame butane torch lighter - and that’s what you’ll want to use to heat the DynaVap up reliably. DynaVap’s “M Series” can be heated with any heating source, but DynaVap recommends the butane torch or one of their induction heaters.

Other ways I’ve thought of that could light the “M Series ” include solar rips, butane lighters instead of torches, and even your car’s 12v cigarette lighter if you’re in a pinch.

The “M Series” is DynaVap’s 5th iteration. There is adjust-a-bowl-ity built-in and I really appreciate the effort that DynaVap’s marketing team has put into making this seemingly out-of-this-world device approachable to even newcomers to the cannabis space. Any questions you could possibly have about using or cleaning the device are all answered concisely on their YouTube channel.

Need an off-grid piece that will last past the last liter of butane and won’t break when it inevitably falls? Buy this and a magnifying glass and thank me later.

DynaVap The M Review

DynaVap The M Review

DynaVap’s battery-free thermal extraction device is a modern engineering marvel: Stoner engineering comes to life and is ready for you to experience. If this review tickles your fancy - If your throat is getting tired of being tickled by combustion.

If you want the tactile feel of lighting without combusting - whatever your reason, DynaVap has you covered. If this type of device gets your high thoughts going, just wait until you see the rest of the options in the DynaVerse.

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