DynaVap Vong(i) review


DynaVap Company Info

DynaVap has been an out of the box, driving force in the vaporizer industry for years. They hold multiple patents and offer a continually evolving line of “vapcap” products. Their devices are properly referred to as thermal extraction devices and they allow cannabis users to vaporize dry herb in style, with choices.

DynaVap is an American company and their vapes are made with titanium. Their devices are designed and manufactured in-house.

I’ve previously reviewed their “M” battery free thermal extraction device. For this review, DynaVap sent over their Vong(i) and I was just as excited to try this one out.

DynaVap Vong (i) Review

dynaVap Vong
DynaVap Vong

The DynaVap Vong (i) comes in its own case with a wooden cap that is tongue-in-cheek shaped like a more traditional, battery powered vape pen. Opening this very sturdy container reveals the Vong(i). The “i” stands for interchangeable. Soon, you’ll be able to choose from all sorts of customized sleeves to make your Vong (i) all your own. If the existing options on other DynaVap products is any indicator, these are going to be nice. I’m talking cocobolo, rosium, verdium, or maybe even a mix of all the above.

Each of these five interchangeable pieces is crucial to the operation of the Vong, and must be kept clean. Disassembly may seem daunting at first but the pieces fit intuitively and if you &ab_channel=DynaVap">see it disassembled a few times, you’ll be ready to handle your own. Don’t be intimidated by DynaVap - you’ll be able to stretch your herb by vaping versus combusting. It will end up paying for itself time and time again.

One end is the mouthpiece and the other end is the vape chamber and proprietary vape cap (“vapcap”). The cap is bimetallic and makes an audible click when the chamber has reached the optimal vaporization temperature. You hear a click on the way up, which tells you to remove the DynaVap from the heating element and another click on the way down, when it’s cool enough to consider handling for a repack.

Speaking of heating elements, you can use pretty much anything. Battery free really means battery free. You can use a wall plugged induction heater, a lighter, a torch lighter, butane, propane, whatever-ane. If it’s exothermic, it’ll work with the DynaVap if you put your mind to it.

I used the torch lighter that came with the last DynaVap and with the new and improved in-built free spinning functionality, I was able to get an even burn even easier. If you don’t continually turn the vapcap and evenly distribute the heat, the combustion temperature barrier will be reached and your vape will turn into a very, very fancy one hitter. It’s a very nice one-hitter, but cleaning it isn’t so fun afterwards. Based on what I’m seeing online, an induction heater really makes the difference in avoiding that. Call it the higher level option if you will.

I dry hit it like I would with the “M” but that wasn’t what I was looking forward to. Next up, I took a freshly cleaned bong and removed the bowl that came with it. In its place, I put the recently “clicked” DynaVap Vong (i) and I milked me a dry herb vapor concoction that was oh so delightful. It fits perfectly in 14mm female joints and was meant for this elevated experience.

I’ve seen a few iterations of DynaVap’s design now and I’m still continually impressed with how well they’re able to do this. Hat’s off!


If you’ve read my vape reviews for awhile, you’ll know I’m a sucker for water filtration and I have a big soft spot for multifunctional pieces. I’m convinced that someone could heat up their DynaVap vapcap with a magnifying glass if they so had the mind to. Stoner engineering is never to be underestimated. Further along that vein, no physical science is reproducible by mere mortals without precise, consistent tools. DynaVap is a maker of such tools and whether you get your hands on the newest customizable Vong(i) or an older model, this will become a daily driver in your arsenal of tools.

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