Eighty Six D8 Disposable Vapes, Vape Cartridges, and Edibles Review


Eighty Six Company Info

Eighty Six Brand is a rising star in the cannabis industry that is focused on showcasing the rising star cannabinoids: Delta 8 THC. They do this by offering a wide range of D8 products made from hemp derived D8 distillate. All the distillate used is pure, uncut, solvent-free, and lab tested. They have everything from edibles in different forms to vape cartridges and even disposable vapes. As is industry standard, eightysix lets anyone review lab test reports. For this review, Eighty Six sent over a sample of their disposable vapes, their vape cartridges, their sugar edibles, as well as their gummies. I was excited to try them all.

Eighty Six D8 vape cartridge review

Eighty Six’s vape cartridges come in a child proof acrylic case that is significantly heftier than the competition. Of all the flavors, the one that stood out to me most was Cereal Killer. As soon as I saw the Fruity Pebbles OG and Alien Kush lineage, I knew I was in for a treat. The 1.0 gram cartridge comes ready to use on any 510 threaded vape battery. The first hit is always a spectacle. It’s a test, it’s a first impression; it’s something that matters, it’s something that I’ll never forget. Two things that I couldn’t help but notice off the belt was the taste and the cloud. It was like a fifteen minute old bowl of cereal milk that wasn’t liquid - and I was a little kid trying to get every last drop before rushing off to school. Back to the spectacle, the first hit was a blinker hit because I wanted to see what was up. What was up was I coughed until I didn’t, at which point I was squarely on a launchpad ready to ascend to new heights. Sometimes distillate leaves a bad aftertaste in my mouth, Eighty Six’s doesn’t. They are proud to feature Authentic BLINC® Hardware which uses a ceramic coil instead of a wick. If you’ve never tried a ceramic coil, it really starts to become noticeable towards the latter half of a cart. This Cereal Killer was just as tasty on the last hit as the first.

Eighty Six D8 disposable vape review

The Eighty Six disposable vape comes in a colorful, branded cardboard box. Open the box and the disposable Delta-8 vape is ready to go because the 280mah battery need to be shipped with some kind of charge. Speaking of that, this disposable vape has a micro-USB charging port so that it won’t run out of (electric) juice before the (delicious) juice runs out. This flavor was Berry Slush - a blend of Strawberry Cough and Mojito terps. The contents of the vapes - both disposable and cartridges - are simple: hemp derived d8 distillate, terpenes to aid in the entourage effect, and flavoring to really match the flavor name. The result is something that doesn’t taste flat like plain distillate and doesn’t taste so “open field” like something that only has plant derived terpenes as flavoring. Instead, you’ve got something that hits closer to a delicious 0mg nic juice. In terms of actual hardware, eightysix’s disposable vapes are made by ALD using only medical and food grade materials. I like the sleek form factor of the disposables because it makes it easier for me to use discreetly when I’m out and about when compared to the cartridge on one of my larger batteries.

Eighty Six D8 edibles review

Eighty Six’s d8 edibles come in various shapes and sizes. There are gummies and there are sugar edibles. Whether you’re looking for a Delta-8 chocolate bar, more traditional Delta-8 gummies, or a flavor blast like chamoy D8 gummies, Eighty Six has you covered. Edibles come in 300mg packages and they are either 30mg or 25mg per piece. As many can relate, Edibles can get kind of the same after some time. Eighty Six is the first brand I’ve seen in awhile that breaks through that monotony in both presentation and taste. The gummies had a perfect consistency and they - along with the chocolate - hit my sweet tooth and my endocannabinoid system in rapid succession. The fact that these edibles are readily available to ship to your door is - as far as I’m concerned - the 9th wonder of the world after compounding interest. If edibles are your preferred way to get THC, Eighty Six has you covered.


Eighty Six is a Delta-8 THC brand that you need to try. Whether you’re interested in a vape-able or an edible,  they have you covered. Their range of flavors hit the spot in so many ways. Get some tasty edibles in your stomach and some powerful clouds in your lungs today. What are you waiting for? Use code “SLYNG15” for an awesome 15% OFF your entire order from Eighty Six!