Elevated Hemp Solutions CBD + CBG Gummies & Delta 8 Gummies Review

elevated Hemp solutions

Company Overview

Elevated Hemp Solutions is a Wisconsin-based company that utilizes local farmers to source industrial hemp. Working with local growers gives them more hands-on experience, control, and assurance that no pesticides are used in product cultivation. They are passionate about creating sustainable, quality products while supporting the local economy.

Their primary focus is on creating premium-grade CBD products that are free of contaminants and provide customers with a consistent and reliable experience. They strive to provide their customers with the best possible product and service. Elevated Hemp Solutions is dedicated to helping customers find the right CBD product. They strive to make their products accessible, affordable, and of the highest quality.

Today I will review their CBD + CBG Mango Gummies and Delta 8 Mixed Gummies.

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CBD + CBG Gummies - Mango

It was my first time reviewing Elevated Hemp Solution; I was excited to try their edibles. I had heard many great things, and I wanted to see for myself what all the hype was about. The first thing I tried was the CBD + CBG gummies, and I was pleasantly surprised by the experience. Each gummy contains 25mg of CBD and CBG in isolated forms, so I had no worries about any psychoactive effects. The combination of the two cannabinoids was tremendous and didn't overwhelm me or make me feel "high." It took me about an hour to feel the gummies' effects, and it started gradually.

The flavor of the gummies was refreshing, especially the mango flavor. I found that these gummies could increase focus and energy while maintaining relaxation - making them great for the daytime. It seemed to help me stay productive without feeling overwhelmed or anxious.

It was a great strain during a workday, but my production didn't dwindle, and I felt more motivated to get my work done, which does more than coffee or energy drinks.

Overall, I would recommend the CBD + CBG gummies. They have the perfect combination of cannabinoids, and the effects are significant for maintaining focus, energy, and relaxation throughout the day. The flavor was refreshing, and the mango was delicious.

Delta 8 Gummies - Mixed Flavor

The next thing I decided to try from Elevated Hemp Solutions was the Delta 8 Mixed gummies. Unlike the Mango gummies, these were infused with Delta 8, and they didn't have specific flavors but rather a mixture of different ones, which is fantastic. Each color has a different flavor, so you can try them all and see which one is your favorite.

The health benefits and relaxation that Delta 8 gummies can give you are excellent. I only needed to take one gummy to experience the blissful properties of Delta 8. Delta 8 is a little more psychoactive than CBD, but it is still a mild cannabinoid and a relaxing and enjoyable time.

I started with a blue gummy because it was my favorite color, but you can try it, anyone you would like. As mentioned, I started with one whole gummy and waited for the effects to hit me. The gummy was very savory. Usually, with THC gummies, you get a weird aftertaste, but with this one, you can taste the fruity sweet flavor. I enjoyed the gummy.

I started feeling a mild body high after about 45 minutes, and after about an hour of taking the gummies, I thought it went pretty well. It wasn't a psychoactive high, more of a euphoric high where I was feeling good, and I felt the sensation throughout my whole body. It made everything I did much more enjoyable and bearable.

It was a great experience. I recommend it to anyone looking for an excellent high or who is more cautious and wants something light yet effective.

Elevated Hemp Solutions CBD + CBG Gummies & Delta 8 Gummies Review - Conclusion

I want to thank Elevated Hemp Solutions for providing me with two amazing products - CBD + CBG and Delta 8 gummies. They were both incredibly delicious and gave me the relief and relaxation I sought. I recommend these products to anyone looking for a healthy and natural alternative to traditional medicines.

The quality of Elevated Hemp Solutions products and customer service is second to none, and I look forward to trying more of them in the future. If you want to try Elevated Hemp Solutions, visit Happy Place Hemp to check out their products.