Exxus MiCare Cartridge Vaporizer Reviews

Exxus MiCare

Exxus MiCare Cartridge Vaporizer Reviews

GotVape sent over the Exxus Micare in their beautiful, full-color cobra but it is also available in black cobra and a variety of black splatter colors.

Got Vape Company Information

When you need Exxus products online - there’s only one place you should get them. Got Vape has been a leading American seller of both vaporizers and vaporizer accessories for over a decade. The company offers top of the line customer service both online and in the form of a hotline. Exxus MiCareHave a question about a product they carry? You can straight up call in and get it answered. Exxus Vapes has been around since 2014, and GotVape always has the latest products from them. I’ve previously reviewed the Exxus Mini Plus dry herb vaporizer as well as the Exxus Push cartridge vaporizer (review coming soon) and was excited to try their newest solution for vaporizing concentrate cartridges.

Exxus MiCare Features

The Exxus Micare arrived from GotVape in a small rectangular white box that featured the chromatic light purple coloring, which I became instantly fond of. The almost pastel look goes well with the lighter green and white from the Exxus logo. The side of the Exxus Micare box will also feature a SMOK sticker which verifies the unit’s authenticity. Exxus MiCare After all, this hardware is a highlighted part of Exxus’s collaboration with SMOK vape hardware. The collaboration has led to lots of professional-grade vaping features being brought to the cartridge space from the mod box space. When you open the box you’ll find the beautiful Exxus Micare cartridge vaporizer as well as a lanyard, charging cable, magnetic adapter, a warranty card, and manual.

The Exxus MiCare is a cartridge vaporizer that both looks good & hits good. If you like auto-draw functionality, this is the cartridge vape for you.

The Exxus Micare itself has an opening for you to put your cartridge in on the shorter side along with a singular power button which is noticeably different than the normal circle fire buttons that vaporizer users are used to. Exxus MiCare It only takes one push of the power button to turn the device on and choose the desired voltage for the auto draw functionality. The default voltage is 3.4v and is indicated by blue light. Green means 3.6v, orange means 3.8v, and red means 4.0v. It’s also possible to start a preheat cycle by pushing the power button twice in rapid succession.

Exxus MiCare Reviews

Similar to other Exxus cartridge vaporizers, the Exxus Micare comes with a magnetic adapter for your to screw onto your cartridges. This allowed me to drop a prefilled cartridge of mine into a tight seal without worrying about screwing the cartridge in tight. All in all, even once you have a cartridge installed, the Exxus Micare fits perfectly within the palm of your hand and can be used very discreetly. Exxus MiCare Double that with the fact that the LED light is also easily covered makes this a very mobile device. I was able to hit the Exxus Micare multiple times with the device completely hidden in my hand. In fact, the only thing that was indiscreet about the experience was the powerful cloud of vapor that I was able to pull out after a preheat session. If you’re anywhere that’s air-conditioned and indoors, I’d recommend using a preheat session before puffing away at the Exxus Micare. On the other hand, if you’re in a session with multiple people - a preheat session for the vaporizer by itself might not be needed. Exxus MiCareThe best part of the Exxus Micare is that the preheat session ends with a vibration - a very solid UIUX utilization of haptic feedback. This means I can start a preheat session while my Exxus Micare is still in my pocket and then hit it only when it is at the perfect temperature. On top of that, I can set the perfect voltage for the cartridge that I’m using. Between the ability to start preheat sessions while stored and its auto-draw functionality, this device really feels futuristic in comparison with regular old cartridge vaporizers that look so relatively obvious when they’re in use. Overall rating:
  • Effectiveness: 5/5
  • Ease of use: 5/5
  • Overall score: 5/5
The Exxus MiCare is versatile and can be used for large vape clouds, discreet preheat sessions and voltage experimentation allowing it to adapt to your lifestyle. The Exxus MiCare is a cartridge vaporizer that both looks good and hits good. If you’re in the market for a cartridge vaporizer and you like auto-draw functionality, this is the cartridge vape for you. Use code “VAPE30” for an awesome 10% OFF your entire Exxus MiCare order from Got Vape!