Exxus Push Cartridge Vaporizer Reviews

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GotVape has been a premier seller of vaporizers and vaporizer accessories online since 2004. The company takes pride in the level of customer service that they offer and are one of the few to have a hotline for people to call into if anyone should have questions about the products listed on the GotVape website. I’ve previously reviewed the Exxus Mini Plus dry herb vaporizer and was excited to try their solution for vaporizing concentrate cartridges. GotVape sent over the Exxus Push in their Black Green Splatter color but it is also available in regular Black or a chromatic Full Color.

Exxus Push Cartridge Vaporizer

Exxus PUSH
The Exxus Push cart vape from GotVape comes in a small rectangular box covered in black as well as the iconic light green and white from the Exxus logo. Opening up the box revealed the Exxus Push, a lanyard, and an extra magnetic cartridge adapter tucked away in a foam enclosure. You only need to take out the Exxus Push because what you’ll notice is the device actually comes with a charging cable built into it. You can pull once to get the USB charging cable to extend to whatever length you need it at - then pull again to trigger the mechanism to recoil the charging cable and re-insert the USB head back into the Exxus Push. This cable makes the entire device look even more like a typical, inconspicuous battery pack with 80 mm by 40 mm by 22mm dimensions.
Exxus-PUSH Charger
On the side of the “battery pack” there is a lever that you can use to raise the cartridge out of the vape battery body. Once you’ve pushed the Exxus Push’s transformation lever, it becomes clear that what you’re holding is a powerful vaporizer. The Exxus Push comes with one unfilled cartridge with a black mouthpiece already installed - just waiting for you to put some vape juice in! The opposite side of the body features the power/firing button as well as the voltage setting indicator which can be set to four different levels (2.8V, 3.2V, 3.7V and 4.2V).

Exxus Push Cartridge Vaporizer Reviews

I filled the provided cartridge with vape juice and decided to set the vaporizer at its lowest setting to start with. Like most vapes, the Exxus Push turns on after you press the firing button five times in succession. To change the voltage one setting at a time, simply push the firing button three times in succession. There is also a preheat function which is also known as a session mode or “sesh mode.” To activate it, you just need to push the power button two times in succession to activate a continuously heated 17-second session that allows for buttonless hits.
Exxus PUSH- Accessories
I tried out the sesh mode first because it was a novel vape battery function to me. I pushed the button twice and the lights activated and stayed on after my finger left the button indicating that the sesh mode was active. I was able to get two good-sized hits during that session and adjusted the voltage setting to the highest level to do it again. The hits were smooth and there wasn’t any particular part of the battery that became too hot to touch - a huge plus as it means the Exxus Push could go right back into my pocket without having any fear of burning myself. One great thing about the Exxus Push is that the cartridge doesn’t need to be screwed in. Instead, you screw a magnetic adapter onto the threaded portion of the cartridge and that allows you to just “drop” it into the Exxus Push even when the cartridge chamber is lowered. Sometimes, the mouthpiece part of prefilled cartridges will sit too high to fit into the Exxus Push perfectly. In these situations, you can actually use the low profile black mouthpiece on the provided cartridge to swap out in such instances. Of course, there is a second magnetic adapter included in the set so you can also have another cartridge prepped and ready to go. Switching it out takes seconds if that. Effectiveness: 5/5 Ease of use: 5/5 Overall score: 5/5 The Exxus Push is a significant upgrade over most vape batteries and is the perfect companion for a frequent cartridge user. It can’t be stated how much I like the retractable USB charger. This feature alone makes the Exxus Push worth getting over any similarly priced competitor. Add in the retractable cartridge compartment and it’s no wonder that this form factor is so popular nowadays. The Exxus Push is the best in its class - try it, you won’t regret it. Use code “VAPE30” for an awesome 30% OFF your entire order from Got Vape!